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Hurricane Harvey Relief Comes With an Extra-Large Side of Pork Sep. 14, 2017

Veronique de Rugy

It was just a matter of time before our ideologically flexible president started making deals across... Read More

Happy New Year Sep. 09, 2017

Mark Shields

Labor Day has already come, and summer is all but over. Autumn — with shorter days, cooler nig... Read More

President Trump Must Take Charge on Tax Reform Sep. 01, 2017

David Limbaugh

If you thought the left weaponized class warfare rhetoric in the health care debate, just wait until... Read More

Needing an 'Enemy' Aug. 26, 2017

Mark Shields

Eric Hoffer, a San Francisco longshoreman and philosopher who died in 1983, the year President Ronal... Read More

Carried Interest Tax to Carry Water for Reform? Jun. 29, 2017

Veronique de Rugy

Much of the difficulty Republicans are experiencing in passing tax reform is self-inflicted. They've... Read More

Dropping the BAT Is Key to Passing Tax Reform This Year Jun. 22, 2017

Veronique de Rugy

House Speaker Paul Ryan just made his pitch to the country about tax reform. He wants it, and he wan... Read More

Of Baseball Bats and Tax Reform May. 02, 2017

William Murchison

The coming fight over tax reform highlights distinct and seemingly irreconcilable views of governmen... Read More

Breakfast and Taxes May. 01, 2017

Marc Dion

I like to go out for breakfast. I don't mean I like a nice dragon fruit smoothie and a banana, eithe... Read More

The Grifters Do 'Tax Reform' Apr. 28, 2017

Joe Conason

If you were paying attention to what we learned about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then yo... Read More

Blame the Spendaholics, Not Tax Reformers Apr. 26, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

If you live in tax hell — New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey or Connecticut — pa... Read More

Retreat, Hell! Trump Just Got Here! Apr. 05, 2017

Star Parker

After less then 75 days in office, the mainstream media is already writing obituaries for the Trump ... Read More

The Coming Fiscal Binge Mar. 30, 2017

Steve Chapman

William Safire said that as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon, he would sometimes urge the president,... Read More

States Are Going Broke Because They Broke the Bank Feb. 28, 2017

Stephen Moore

Governors and state legislators say they are running out of money again, and many are demanding tax ... Read More

We Need Tax Reform, Not Tariffs Jan. 10, 2017

Stephen Moore

If America's competitors intentionally tried designing a tax system to destroy the American economy,... Read More

Tax Cuts, King Dollar and Growth: From JFK to Reagan to Trump Sep. 17, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

Fifty-four years ago, at The Economic Club of New York, President John F. Kennedy unveiled a dramati... Read More

Trump Joins GOP Tax-Reform Party Oct. 02, 2015

Daily Editorials

One positive development in this often-confusing election season is a decent array of tax-reform pro... Read More

Needed: One Really Smart Tiger Jan. 25, 2014

Mark Shields

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 — which dramatically cut individual rates, lowering the top rate pa... Read More

For Voters, Tax Reform Means Tax Equality Mar. 21, 2012

Scott Rasmussen

There's a reason President Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and many others are touting tax reform thes... Read More

Mitt's Big Next Step on Tax Reform Jan. 10, 2012

Lawrence Kudlow

While so much attention has been turned to Newt Gingrich's catastrophically mistaken attack on Mitt ... Read More

The President's Excess Income, and Ours Jul. 10, 2011

Mona Charen

It is becoming a verbal tic — the tendency on the part of the president to tell wealthy Americ... Read More