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More Widows ... More Questions Jul. 19, 2017

Social Security and You

Perhaps I've opened the floodgates? I've written a several columns over the past month or two discus... Read More

Social Security Options for Widows and Widowers to Consider May. 24, 2017

Social Security and You

Q: My husband died in 2009. I continued working until I was 62 in 2013. I then started drawing widow... Read More

Tale of Two Women May. 03, 2017

Social Security and You

In today's column, I present emails from two different women. They have two things in common. They a... Read More

Two Widows Present Unusual Social Security Cases Feb. 22, 2017

Social Security and You

I am constantly amazed! I have either worked for the Social Security Administration, or been writing... Read More