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High Anxiety and Social Security Maximizing Madness Feb. 20, 2019

Social Security and You

My wife used to thank me, with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, for never being rich. She wou... Read More

This Couple Has a Couple Options Apr. 25, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: My wife and I both turn 66 later this year. (Our birthdays are just two days apart.) I've worked ... Read More

Government Pension Offset Law Not About to Change May. 17, 2017

Social Security and You

Over the past 17 years that I have been doing this column, I have written about 50 columns dealing w... Read More

Earnings Penalty and Spouses Apr. 27, 2016

Social Security and You

Q: I filed for my Social Security benefits last year when I was 62. My wife, who never worked outsid... Read More

Good Old-Fashioned Social Security Was Not Complicated Apr. 13, 2016

Social Security and You

Q: My wife and I don't know if we should "file and suspend" or "file and restrict" and if we should ... Read More