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Widows Have Questions About Social Security Sep. 19, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: I was getting my own Social Security. Then my husband died and they started paying me his Social ... Read More

At What Age Should You Collect a Social Security Spousal Benefit? Sep. 19, 2018

Ask Carrie

Dear Readers: I recently received two questions about collecting Social Security spousal benefits. I... Read More

Moving a Company When You Can't Stay Put Sep. 18, 2018

Succeeding in Your Business

"I'm an Army wife looking to start up a home-based graphics and web design business. I know I need t... Read More

The 'Who Took My Money' Blog Is All Lies Sep. 12, 2018

Social Security and You

A nasty and pernicious blog that is full of lies about Social Security has been floating around the ... Read More

Don't Get Hung Up About Maximizing Your Social Security Sep. 05, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: I am a single woman who is going to be 70 on Nov. 10, 2018. I have been waiting until I turn 70 t... Read More

Don't Listen to Your Friends About Social Security Aug. 29, 2018

Social Security and You

I get dozens of emails each week from people who are getting advice from friends and neighbors about... Read More

Date of Birth Issues Aug. 22, 2018

Social Security and You

There are several key factors that make you eligible for Social Security benefits and help determine... Read More

Social Security Fails Aug. 15, 2018

John Stossel

Social Security is running out of money. You may not believe that, but it's a fact. That FICA mone... Read More

Peculiar Divorces Lead to Peculiar Social Security Scenarios Aug. 15, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: My husband and I got married 30 years ago. About 25 years ago, we got a divorce. But a year and a... Read More

Senior Citizens Who Never Signed Up for Social Security Aug. 08, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: I am 73 years old. I never signed up for Social Security, because I just never needed it. I am fo... Read More

Tax Reform 2.0? Let's Do Better Aug. 02, 2018

Veronique de Rugy

Republicans and President Trump are talking about tax reform 2.0. Unfortunately, it's futile without... Read More

Is Social Security a Welfare Program? Aug. 01, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: Recently, I was listening to a radio program in which the host described Social Security as a wel... Read More

Reduced Benefit Rates Jul. 25, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: Whenever you mention the reduction for early retirement, you always say it is "about one half of ... Read More

The 'Ex' Factor and Social Security Jul. 18, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: My ex-wife was getting divorced spouse benefits on my account. She recently died. How do I go abo... Read More

Widows Must Sign Up for Benefits in Person Jul. 11, 2018

Social Security and You

Q: I think you made an error in a recent column. You said anyone can file for Social Security benefi... Read More

A Mixed Bag Jul. 04, 2018

Social Security and You

Usually, I like to focus my column around one topic. But today I'll just open up my email inbox and ... Read More

One Crazy Email Misleads Many Jun. 27, 2018

Social Security and You

We all know that the internet can be a force for good — spreading knowledge and education to p... Read More

Men Ask About Widow's Benefits Jun. 20, 2018

Social Security and You

I get lots of questions about widow's benefits. And surprisingly, most of them come from men concern... Read More

Why Can't We Fix Social Security and Medicare? Jun. 13, 2018

Star Parker

Each year, the trustees of Social Security and Medicare issue their report delivering the news, inva... Read More

The Basics of Applying for Social Security Benefits Jun. 13, 2018

Social Security and You

I've saved up a bunch of questions that have to do with applying for various kinds of Social Securit... Read More