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Readers Question AARP Article About Spousal Benefits Jan. 15, 2020

Social Security and You

I've gotten quite a few emails from readers who have questions about an article on Social Security b... Read More

Tips for Dealing With the Social Security Administration Jan. 08, 2020

Social Security and You

Near the end of last year, I wrote a couple of columns in which readers complained about the service... Read More

Turning 66 in 2020? Consider Filing for Benefits This Month Jan. 01, 2020

Social Security and You

I write a column similar to this one every January. But I don't mind plagiarizing myself, because it... Read More

Social Security Update for 2020 Dec. 25, 2019

Social Security and You

It has been my custom for most of the past 23 years to write a year-end column that summarizes the S... Read More

Today France, Tomorrow the USA? Dec. 24, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

As that rail and subway strike continued to paralyze travel in Paris and across France into the thir... Read More

Working Women, Stay-At-Home Moms And Social Security Dec. 18, 2019

Social Security and You

Sometimes I will write what I think is the most harmless and innocuous column about a Social Securit... Read More

Will This Be My Last 'Notch Baby' Column? Dec. 11, 2019

Social Security and You

About once every two years or so, I write a column about Social Security's infamous "notch baby" iss... Read More

More Complaints About Social Security Service Dec. 04, 2019

Social Security and You

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that the new commissioner of Social Security, a guy name... Read More

Women Who Say They Are Not Getting Enough From Social Security Nov. 27, 2019

Social Security and You

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what the most common questions readers have been asking ... Read More

Name That Commissioner Nov. 20, 2019

Social Security and You

I am going to give you a series of names. I would give any reader a hundred bucks if he or she could... Read More

Filing Date Still Confuses Readers Nov. 13, 2019

Social Security and You

Even after writing several recent columns about the issue, I still get many emails from readers conf... Read More

Mailbag Miscellany Nov. 06, 2019

Social Security and You

I usually like to have a theme to my columns. In other words, I will generally just cover one topic ... Read More

Don't Confuse Social Security With SSI Oct. 30, 2019

Social Security and You

Every single day, I get emails from people who will say something like this: "My wife and I are gett... Read More

How Do Social Security Survivor Benefits Add Up? Oct. 23, 2019

Ask Carrie

Dear Carrie: My husband and I are each getting Social Security based on our own work records. When o... Read More

Retroactive Social Security Benefits Explained Oct. 23, 2019

Social Security and You

A few months ago, I briefly discussed the possibility of retroactive Social Security retirement bene... Read More

Clearing Up More Myths and Misunderstandings Oct. 16, 2019

Social Security and You

I pointed out in last week's column that there are hundreds of myths and rumors being spread —... Read More

Social Security Program Myths Oct. 09, 2019

Social Security and You

I could write a book called "The Top 100 Social Security Myths." And that book would be divided into... Read More

Seniors Seek Help for Their 'Kids' Oct. 02, 2019

Social Security and You

I wrote about this phenomenon about a year ago. And it never ceases to amaze me. I'm referring to th... Read More

Do You Have to Pay Income Taxes on Social Security Benefits? Sep. 25, 2019

Ask Carrie

Dear Carrie: From what I've read, if a married couple has annual withdrawals from 401(k) plans, indi... Read More

Elizabeth Warren: Following in the Footsteps of FDR Sep. 25, 2019

Terence Jeffrey

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to convert Social Security into a program that unambiguously redist... Read More