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A Letter from Africa Mar. 11, 2014

Dennis Prager

I am writing this column from Cameroon during my sixth trip to Africa. Having travelled to some 20 A... Read More

Iron Rule of Religion and Politics Mar. 01, 2014

Mark Shields

There is one iron rule regarding religion in American politics, and here it is: With only one except... Read More

Wee Pals

Jan. 25, 2014

Is Barack Obama a Lying Liar? Nov. 20, 2013

Roger Simon

The reviews are in, and Obamacare is a disaster. No, it is worse than that. Obamacare is a debacle, ... Read More

Michelle Obama: Beyond the Biceps Nov. 15, 2013

Jamie Stiehm

Just as President Barack Obama is striking out over health care reform, Michelle Obama is stepping u... Read More

Moral or Immoral Government Dec. 06, 2010

Walter E. Williams

Immorality in government lies at the heart of our nation's problems. Deficits, debt and runaway gove... Read More