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The Cool Factor: Tips on Ageless Dressing for the Holidays Nov. 13, 2018

In Fashion

OK, so you can't fit into your granddaughter's skinny jeans ... You don't even remember the last tim... Read More

Thanksgiving Fashion: Fashionable Blessings Nov. 06, 2018

In Fashion

There's a lot to be thankful for this season of the year when we focus on the positives in our lives... Read More

Fall Fashion Frights: What Not to Wear Oct. 16, 2018

In Fashion

You don't have to dress like a nightmare before Christmas to know that there is plenty of scary fash... Read More

Getting the Reboot: Top-10 Fall 2018 Boot Trends Sep. 18, 2018

In Fashion

Slip out of those slides and scoot into the hottest footwear trend of the season: boots. From cowboy... Read More

America Won't Win the World Cup Until We Ditch the Shoes Jul. 12, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

Why didn't the American men's soccer team qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Simple: Kids in Ameri... Read More

The Shoo Maker May. 29, 2018

The Science Advice Goddess

I'm a single dude in my 30s, and I really want a girlfriend, but I keep striking out with women. My... Read More

Stressed About Mom's Finances Sep. 20, 2017

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: Our family is like most families — dysfunctional. Our father worked two jobs most ... Read More

Putting on Shoes and Socks Mar. 21, 2017

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: Is there a right order and a wrong order for putting on one's shoes and socks? I find th... Read More

Well Heeled Feb. 21, 2017

In Fashion

Square toes. Pointy toes. Round toes. Twinkle toes. The shoes this spring and summer are a study in ... Read More

Boot Camp Oct. 04, 2016

In Fashion

Boot Camp Fall in...into boots and step out in the footwear fad that's kicking up its heels in high... Read More

The Shoe-Ins Aug. 30, 2016

In Fashion

If you can't wait to pull your boots on and stride into a new fashion season, then you're in luck. T... Read More

A Sneaky Corporate Welfare Balancing Act May. 19, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

Corporate welfare takes many forms: a tax break to a particular industry, a tariff against foreign s... Read More

Lightly Stepping on Barefoot Issue Apr. 19, 2016

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I have a different problem with people taking off their shoes. I work in a small office ... Read More

Clean Shoes Debate Causing a Mess Apr. 16, 2016

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: "Clean Shoes in Wisconsin" objected to his sister-in-law asking him to remove his shoes ... Read More

Battle of Wills ... and Shoes Mar. 02, 2016

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: One of my wife's siblings insists that everyone remove their shoes upon entering her hom... Read More

The Spring Shoe Scene Feb. 23, 2016

In Fashion

Break out of those knee-high boots and put a little spring into your step with the season's newest s... Read More

Time for New Shoes? Some Fitting Advice Jan. 19, 2016

Energy Express

I saw a friend out running the other day. He was running; I was racewalking, hat pulled down to avoi... Read More

Hit the Refresh Button May. 19, 2015

In Fashion

Renew, refresh, replace — these are the keys to keeping your wardrobe spring-fresh all year lo... Read More

Flips and Flops: Summer Shoe Trends Jun. 24, 2014

In Fashion

Step up your shoe game this summer and try on a few of these trends for a quick style change. Here a... Read More

The Meaning of Lila

May. 31, 2014