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Democrats Shouldn't Dismiss Nunes' Spying Claims So Quickly Mar. 24, 2017

David Harsanyi

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told reporters yesterday that members of Donald Tr... Read More

The Base's Rage Ill Serves the Democratic Party Mar. 24, 2017

Michael Barone

In a week chock-full of news, the party that on the night of Nov. 8 found itself, much to its surpri... Read More

An Obama Plot to Sabotage Trump? Mar. 24, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

Devin Nunes just set the cat down among the pigeons. Two days after FBI Director James Comey assured... Read More

Will Russiagate Backfire on the Left? Mar. 21, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

The big losers of the Russian hacking scandal may yet be those who invested all their capital in a s... Read More

Rush-SHA, Rush-SHA, Rush-SHA Mar. 15, 2017

Connie Schultz

Every day, another onslaught of crazy out of this administration. Pick a day. Any day. Wednesday, le... Read More

The Beltway Conspiracy to Break Trump Mar. 07, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

At Mar-a-Lago this weekend President Donald Trump was filled "with fury" says The Washington Post, "... Read More

Special Prosecutor or Witch Hunter? Mar. 05, 2017

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi of the House on T... Read More

Dems Lay Down Basis for Coup D'etat By Hitting Sessions Mar. 02, 2017

Dick Morris

Here's how it will go down, scripted in the playbook shared by former President Barack Obama and Sau... Read More

Lavrov vs. McCain: Is Russia an Enemy? Feb. 28, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

The founding fathers of the Munich Security Conference, said John McCain, would be "be alarmed by th... Read More

First Date With Russia Feb. 20, 2017

Marc Dion

America, having spent Valentine's Day 2016 alone, was searching for a soulmate. America's been talki... Read More

Trump's Strange Coziness With the Kremlin Feb. 19, 2017

Steve Chapman

Donald Trump assured Americans Thursday that he is not acting in covert concert with Vladimir Putin.... Read More

The Left's All-Out War on Trump Feb. 17, 2017

David Limbaugh

Please don't tell us conservatives that we need to find common ground with the left during this era ... Read More

Why That Russian Dossier Can't Be Ignored Feb. 17, 2017

Joe Conason

To see Michael Flynn depart his White House post in a miasma of misconduct — amid memories of ... Read More

What Is Trump Most Afraid Of? Feb. 16, 2017

Froma Harrop

Why does President Trump rush off weekend after weekend to his Mar-a-Lago palazzo in Florida? Becaus... Read More

Suddenly, Friendly Reporters Are Offensive Feb. 15, 2017

L. Brent Bozell

The Trump administration is less than a month old, and former Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the brand-ne... Read More

Congressional Republicans Must Put Country Before Party Feb. 15, 2017

Daily Editorials

If congressional Republicans were as concerned about national security today as they claimed to be i... Read More

Trump Wants to Weaken Russia's Support for Iran Jan. 27, 2017

Daily Editorials

Doubtless, one of Barack Obama's most mixed legacies is to be found in the Mideast. Things could be ... Read More

New President, New World Jan. 20, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

"Don't Make Any Sudden Moves" is the advice offered to the new president by Richard Haass of the Cou... Read More

On Ethics, Trump Is No Obama Jan. 19, 2017

Steve Chapman

There was a time when American voters had to wonder whether Barack Obama was personally corrupt. In ... Read More

Trump 'Disrespects' the Intel Community? What About Obama's Iraq Bug-Out? Jan. 19, 2017

Larry Elder

President Barack Obama and his team still engage in a hissy fit over Donald Trump's questioning Ob... Read More