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The Hue and Cry Is Tiring Mar. 17, 2017

Erick Erickson

The website BuzzFeed recently ran an article that a liberal activist paid for documents that showed ... Read More

The Real Lessons of Middlebury College Mar. 13, 2017

Thomas Sowell

Many people seem shocked at the recent savagery of a mob of students at Middlebury College, who riot... Read More

Restoring Civility Dec. 22, 2016

Laura Hollis

We have just come off of the most acrimonious presidential election in modern memory. There are many... Read More

Fix the Ghetto Aug. 20, 2016

Diane Dimond

Fear, anger, cries of racism. This is what seems to envelop America these days. It's all dished up d... Read More

The Left's Mobocracy Jun. 08, 2016

Ben Shapiro

For years, the left has been desperate to paint conservatives as the real danger to civil society. B... Read More

Sanders Shows His Leadership Credentials, Or Lack Thereof May. 20, 2016

Daily Editorials

American newspapers have spilled a lot of ink condemning likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trum... Read More

Who Are These Outlaw Bikers? May. 21, 2015

Froma Harrop

Count me among those mystified over the biker gang melee in Waco, Texas — a shootout that left... Read More