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That Bloodbath in the Old Dominion Nov. 10, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

The day after his "Silent Majority" speech on Nov. 3, 1969, calling on Americans to stand with him f... Read More

Authentic Republican Wisdom Aug. 05, 2017

Mark Shields

American campaigns were not always, I can testify from personal witness, about the politics of perso... Read More

Donald Trump Is No Richard Nixon Jun. 17, 2017

Mark Shields

In just 13 days in October 1973, Washington endured a series of seismic political shocks. On Oct. 10... Read More

The Client in Chief Jun. 08, 2017

Susan Estrich

The president is angry at his attorney general. The attorney general is reportedly ready to go. And ... Read More

Don't Rush to Impeachment May. 21, 2017

Steve Chapman

To everything there is a season, the Bible and Pete Seeger told us. The season to impeach Donald Tru... Read More

3 Memorable American Presidents and the Truth May. 13, 2017

Mark Shields

There have been three memorable American presidents, the story goes. President George Washington cou... Read More

Nixon and Trump, Then and Now May. 09, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

For two years, this writer has been consumed by two subjects. First, the presidency of Richard Nixon... Read More

Nixon's Revenge: The Fall of the Adversary Press May. 02, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

Saturday's White House Correspondents Association dinner exposed anew how far from Middle America ou... Read More

Can Special Elections to the US House Predict Our Political Future? Apr. 22, 2017

Mark Shields

Is there an emerging national pattern to be found in special House elections, such as the one that j... Read More

Nixon, LBJ & the First Shots in the Judges' War Apr. 07, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

The Democrats' drive to defeat Neil Gorsuch is the latest battle in a 50-year war for control of the... Read More

Gerald Ford and the 2016 Election Nov. 05, 2016

Mark Shields

On Sept. 8, 1974, one month after he became the nation's only un-elected commander in chief, Preside... Read More

Trump's Road Still Open Aug. 05, 2016

Patrick Buchanan

At stake in 2016 is the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate and, possibly, control of the Hou... Read More

A Steppingstone to Oblivion Jul. 16, 2016

Mark Shields

The first very first "presidential" test in public for every nominee for the White House is the sele... Read More

American Elections and the 'Biblical Imperative' Jun. 18, 2016

Mark Shields

History offers little encouragement to either major American party this election year. Sobering for ... Read More

On Foreign Policy, Clinton Is Bad and Trump Is Worse Jun. 05, 2016

Steve Chapman

Hillary Clinton has been wrong on one foreign policy issue after another, from the war in Iraq to th... Read More

Years After Hiroshima Comes the Blah Jun. 02, 2016

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — I was reading a brilliant biography of former British Prime Minister Margaret Tha... Read More

'Elvis & Nixon' and 'Men & Chicken': Michael Shannon Does the Almost Impossible, Mads Mikkelsen the Near-Unbelievable Apr. 22, 2016


Michael Shannon might seem the least likely of actors to be cast in the role of Elvis Presley. Shann... Read More

Campaigns Do Matter, but So Do Candidates Jan. 16, 2016

Mark Shields

If you've heard this story, please don't stop me. A major pet food company, after years of secret la... Read More

Democrats' 3rd-Term Blues Dec. 19, 2015

Mark Shields

History tends to make Democrats nervous about the 2016 White House election. They know that since 19... Read More

A Portrait of Judith: Freethinker and Strong Spirit Oct. 09, 2015

Jamie Stiehm

On an October day in 1935, a force was born in Madison, Wisconsin's state capital: Judith, a.k.a. Ju... Read More