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How Trump Saved the Union May. 19, 2019

Wayne Allyn Root

I get letters from liberal critics. Every time I report that President Donald Trump has saved the U.... Read More

Fake News: The Post-Trump Economic 'Disaster' May. 02, 2019

Larry Elder

Many "experts" expected, predicted and warned of instant economic disaster under a Donald Trump pres... Read More

Who Will the Democrats Nominate to Challenge President Trump? Mar. 21, 2019

Scott Rasmussen

For those in the political world, Election 2020 is already here, and the biggest question is whether... Read More

The Recession Myth Nov. 27, 2018

Stephen Moore

There's an old saying that Wall Street economists have predicted eight of the last two recessions. T... Read More

Investing in British Banks Nov. 21, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: Most American banks have recovered from the Great Recession. But banks in the United... Read More

Fannie Mae and 'Freddie Maxine' Nov. 13, 2018

Stephen Moore

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California appears a lock to become the next chairman of the House'... Read More

Trump Will Sink the Economy, Too Jun. 12, 2018

Froma Harrop

That was quite a show Donald Trump put on in Canada. Insulting our closest friends and trading partn... Read More

Why Young Americans Are Drawn to Socialism May. 20, 2018

Steve Chapman

Capitalism has been the most dynamic force for economic progress in history. Over the past century, ... Read More

Republicans Embrace Tax Cuts and Ruinous Deficits Nov. 02, 2017

Steve Chapman

The U.S. economy is humming like a bee in clover. Gross domestic product is growing at a solid clip;... Read More

Not Saving Is the American Way Sep. 26, 2017

Froma Harrop

Smart people living in harm's way of hurricanes know to fortify their homes before the storm hits. I... Read More

Face It: The Trump Boom Is Here Sep. 12, 2017

Stephen Moore

Has anyone noticed — through the fog of Russia, James Comey, Charlottesville and now two monst... Read More

The Trump Economy: Progress and Peril Aug. 08, 2017

Stephen Moore

Well, finally we are getting that "summer of recovery." The July jobs report released Friday was a b... Read More

Less, Not More, Government Will Help Labor Dec. 14, 2016

Star Parker

With the nomination of business executive Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, to be labor secretary... Read More

Obama's Disconnects and Delusions Nov. 18, 2016

David Limbaugh

President Obama, in Greece, said world leaders should learn from the U.S. presidential election and ... Read More

Auto Stocks With a Looming Recession Oct. 12, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I own 300 shares of General Motors and 600 shares of Ford, which I bought in Decembe... Read More

No Thank You, Obama Sep. 20, 2016

Stephen Moore

Last week, while touting the new Census report on income and poverty in America, Barack Obama took c... Read More

California Unprepared for Next Recession Sep. 02, 2016

Daily Editorials

It is time to start storing up nuts for the winter. That seems to be the message the major credit-ra... Read More

A Looming Recession? Aug. 17, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: We recently saw you speak and enjoyed your comments on the stock market and economy ... Read More

Hillary Would Give Us a Disastrous Third Obama Term Aug. 12, 2016

David Limbaugh

When it comes to unity, the Democrats talk a good game — but in the end they promote disunity ... Read More

Overthrow the Establishment to Fix the Economy Jun. 17, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

Famed investor Wilbur Ross recently told CNBC that "Trump represents a more radical new approach to ... Read More