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The Weakness That Saps the Strength of GOP Candidates Jan. 08, 2012

Michael Barone

A presidential campaign exposes candidates' strengths and weaknesses. The strengths they're eager to... Read More

Can Cain Keep Flouting the Cardinal Rules of Politics? Nov. 06, 2011

Michael Barone

Herman Cain, beleaguered by charges of sexual harassment, was all over Washington last week — ... Read More

One Year Countdown Nov. 01, 2011

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

It will take more than a generic Republican candidate to defeat President Obama next year. Repubican... Read More

In Cincinnati, an Incumbent President in Trouble Oct. 26, 2011

Mark Shields

CINCINNATI — In Ohio, which has voted for the winning White House nominee in the last 12 conse... Read More

Lifetime in GOP Culminates With Gingrich Announcement on Fox May. 10, 2011

Matt Towery

Trust me, when it comes to the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination, I am going to b... Read More

Obama Becomes the "Moxie President" May. 09, 2011

Roger Simon

Democrats are weak, and Republicans are strong. Democrats are the Mommy Party, and Republicans are t... Read More

Does Osama Death Make Obama Unbeatable? May. 04, 2011

Roger Simon

It's the oldest truism in politics: You can't beat something with nothing. For 2012, the Democrats h... Read More

The Framers Never Imagined a New Hampshire Primary Mar. 16, 2011

Michael Barone

The weakest part of our political system is the presidential nomination process. And it's not coinci... Read More

A Week Is a Lifetime in Politics Mar. 16, 2011

Mark Shields

Back when men still wore hats and ladies wore gloves, my precinct committeewoman made me memorize an... Read More

Contrary to Media Reports, GOP Has Strong Field in 2012 Mar. 09, 2011

Matt Towery

This past week, I've seen or read plenty of news analyses suggesting that the Republicans have a wea... Read More

Old Rules Won't Determine GOP Presidential Candidate Jan. 26, 2011

Michael Barone

The weakest part of our political system, by a considerable margin, is the presidential nominating p... Read More

Palin Dumb Like a Fox Jan. 19, 2011

Roger Simon

I believe that people who underestimate Sarah Palin do so at their own risk — but according to... Read More