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Her Parents Went Ballistic Mar. 21, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: You advised a young pregnant girl to tell her parents that she is pregnant so "they'd g... Read More

You Made the Best Decision for Your Son Jan. 23, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I had been dating Jose for over a year. He was a nice guy and I liked him very much. He... Read More

Your Friend Needs You Dec. 22, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My very best friend found out last week that she's pregnant. Her boyfriend is trying to... Read More

Please Hurry With Your Answer Nov. 28, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 17 and pregnant. My boyfriend (the baby's father) is 18. Even though we're young, w... Read More

Make Sure He is the Father Nov. 23, 2017

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: Several months ago, my 17-year-old son's girlfriend had a baby. I was upset at first, bu... Read More

Forced Childbirth vs. Voluntary Abortion Oct. 26, 2017

Steve Chapman

In April, the Trump administration took a stand against the brutal methods used to enforce China's o... Read More

This Tale Is 'To Be Continued' Oct. 14, 2017

Tales From the Front

Coby and Susan dated all through high school. Everyone assumed they'd get married, including them. B... Read More

What to Say to a Pregnant Woman Sep. 05, 2017

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: Six months ago, I married a lovely young woman. While we were engaged, "Nina" and I had ... Read More

There Is No Pardoning Joe Arpaio Aug. 30, 2017

Connie Schultz

Nearly 10 years before Donald Trump pardoned him, Joe Arpaio made clear his racism, in a most public... Read More

Why Are Pregnant Women Likelier to Die at Rural Hospitals? Aug. 22, 2017

Froma Harrop

While giving birth at a small hospital in central Tennessee, Whitney Brown developed terrible breath... Read More

Dad Flunked Parenting 101 Jun. 22, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 17 and a very safe driver. Last week I borrowed my parents' car to go to work becau... Read More

My Pregnant Sister Uses Cocaine Jun. 14, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My sister is four months pregnant and is a cocaine user. My parents have talked to her ... Read More

Don't Take Aunt's Suggestion May. 25, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I've decided to live with my aunt and uncle in Omaha to get away from my rough life in ... Read More

Stepmother Dearest Apr. 15, 2017

Tales From the Front

Dear Cheryl: I married a man three years ago who has three children. They all lived with their mothe... Read More

Classic Ann Landers Apr. 09, 2017

Classic Ann Landers

Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to pub... Read More

Outside World isn't so Wonderful Mar. 08, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I need your advice. I'm 19, married and the mother of a 6-month-old baby girl. I was pr... Read More

I'm Being Treated Like A Child Feb. 23, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 16 and so is my boyfriend. We've been dating for over two years. I live alone with ... Read More

Your Sister is Lucky to Have You Jan. 27, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My 20-year-old sister still lives at home with another sister and me. It so happens tha... Read More

No Alcohol Whatsoever! Nov. 21, 2016

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My parents have always taught me how to drink alcohol sensibly. I am now happily marrie... Read More

Have Mother and You Talk to His Mother Nov. 18, 2016

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My boyfriend and I have been sexually active for over a year. We were very careful an... Read More