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The George HW Bush Hagiography Is the Elites' Finest Accomplishment Dec. 07, 2018

Ted Rall

Even by the recent can't-believe-your-eyes-and-ears standards of American elitist hagiography, this ... Read More

The Creepy Line Dec. 05, 2018

John Stossel

This morning Google told me that it would not allow my YouTube video "Socialism Leads to V... Read More

Power Pluto-Capricorn Conjunction Nov. 12, 2018

Horoscopes by Holiday

Power is responsibility, and responsibility is power. To assume power without assuming responsibilit... Read More

Double 11s Nov. 11, 2018

Horoscopes by Holiday

In numerology, 11 is considered to be extremely auspicious, signifying fateful qualities, indicating... Read More

A Democratic House Will Mean More Fiscal Discipline Nov. 11, 2018

Steve Chapman

Are you ready for some stalemate? Over the next two years, Washington deliberations will resemble on... Read More

Celebrity, Power and the Capricorn Moon Oct. 16, 2018

Horoscopes by Holiday

It's the same in popular culture as it is in high school, families or any social group, really: The ... Read More

Treating the Court as a Political Branch Oct. 04, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Harsh winds are blowing on Capitol Hill. The hoped-for and feared clash between Judge Brett M. Kavan... Read More

Power Corrupts; Sex and Power Corrupt Absolutely Sep. 20, 2018

Laura Hollis

We are watching in real time as two of the most powerful and influential institutions in the history... Read More

Will Kavanaugh Make Trump a Monarch? Jul. 11, 2018

Joe Conason

To Donald Trump, the qualifications of any individual for a seat on the nation's highest court are m... Read More

How to Protect Democracy Jul. 06, 2018

Linda Chavez

There was a time in recent history when conservatives understood the dangers of an imperial presiden... Read More

Trump Grants Mercy with Little Input from Justice Department Jun. 05, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump asserted Monday that he has "the absolute right to PARDON ... Read More

Can the President Lawfully Investigate His Investigators? May. 24, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

This past weekend, President Donald Trump suggested that his presidential campaign may have been the... Read More

Trump Wages War Wherever and Whenever He Wants Apr. 18, 2018

Jacob Sullum

The day before Donald Trump ordered a missile attack on three sites tied to chemical weapons product... Read More

Black Political Power Means Zilch Apr. 11, 2018

Walter E. Williams

It's often thought to be beyond question that black political power is necessary for economic power ... Read More

Women Against Free Speech? Mar. 23, 2018

Michael Barone

Sometimes, for those of us who are constantly reading statistics and poll results, something that yo... Read More

Power Up! Mar. 22, 2018

Work Daze

"Many young employees are frustrated when their first jobs land them in powerless positions at the b... Read More

Power and the Planets Jan. 23, 2018

Horoscopes by Holiday

The distribution of power is often much trickier and more nuanced than appearances suggest. Power ri... Read More

Can We Stop Sexual Harassment? Dec. 01, 2017

Linda Chavez

With each new revelation of sexual misconduct by a powerful man, I ask myself, "When will this end?"... Read More

Should Trump Be Able to Start a Nuclear War? Nov. 16, 2017

Steve Chapman

Every home should have some essential items around in case of a disaster or another emergency —... Read More

Liberals in a Tizzy Sep. 06, 2017

Walter E. Williams

Many blacks and their white liberal allies demand the removal of statues of Confederate generals and... Read More