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Let's Be Better, Not Feel Better Sep. 20, 2019

Daily Editorials

This week, my new book, "Our Broken America: Why Both Sides Need to Stop Ranting and Start Listening... Read More

Saying Goodbye in a Changing World Sep. 06, 2019

Suzanne Fields

Saying goodbye is never easy. Every school child quotes "Parting is such sweet sorrow" from "Romeo a... Read More

Lost in the Muddled Middle Mar. 08, 2019

Suzanne Fields

The definition of who's a suitable friend, lover or lifelong mate has changed over the years. As rac... Read More

Here's Why We're Polarized Mar. 07, 2019

Laura Hollis

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton put to rest any rumors that she would run for president a third t... Read More

How Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Federalism Oct. 24, 2018

Ben Shapiro

In today's polarized political environment, I'm often asked how I think America can come back togeth... Read More

Elites Are the Ones Who Are Dividing America Oct. 09, 2018

Salena Zito

McCONNELLS MILL, Pa. — Darcelle Slappy says Democrats and Republicans who live in places like ... Read More

A Polarized America? Not Quite Sep. 23, 2018

Steve Chapman

Modern America is sharply polarized, battered by political furies and divided as never before. Moder... Read More

The Other Donald Trump Sep. 13, 2018

Susan Estrich

Imagine, just for a minute, that after the 2016 election, the other Donald Trump had gotten elected.... Read More

This Is Seth Meyers on Drugs Jun. 22, 2018

L. Brent Bozell

CNN host Van Jones, a former Obama White House aide, interviewed NBC late-night host Seth Meyers wit... Read More

Politics Polarize; Community Unites Apr. 19, 2018

Scott Rasmussen

News outlets are routinely filled with commentary and analysis suggesting that 21st-century America ... Read More

Gathering Together to Ask the Lord's Blessing Nov. 24, 2017

Suzanne Fields

BY SUZANNE FIELDS RELEASE: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2017 Gathering Together to Ask the Lord's Blessing ... Read More

How Cable News Fuels Polarization Nov. 14, 2017

Bernard Goldberg

During a TV interview years ago, I said, tongue-only-slightly-in-cheek, that Roger Ailes, the vision... Read More

The Pivot in the Age of Anger Mar. 03, 2017

Suzanne Fields

President Donald Trump has been president for only a little more than a month, and writers, pundits,... Read More

For Republicans, the Year of Living Nervously Jan. 07, 2017

Mark Shields

Outspent by nearly a 2-1 ratio by Hillary Clinton and conspicuously not endorsed by the two most rec... Read More