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Pruning Details May. 29, 2019

A Greener View

Q: In last week's article, you commented that one of the factors of plant deaths over the winter is ... Read More

Winter Damage May. 22, 2019

A Greener View

Q: Apparently the polar vortex last winter killed several of my trees and shrubs. I had carefully se... Read More

Buying Fruit Trees May. 15, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I need to replace a pear tree. The first one was planted in the fall; last spring, it didn't bloo... Read More

Pesticide Breakdown May. 08, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I have several apple and pear trees that I have treated with the fungicide Captan for several yea... Read More

The Pine Cone Zone May. 01, 2019

A Greener View

Q: I would like some suggestions for what to do with all the pine cones that fall in my yard from th... Read More

Too Much Pollen Apr. 17, 2019

A Greener View

Q: On the news, I have seen amazing pictures of the clouds of pine tree pollen in North Carolina. Wh... Read More

'You Are What You Eat' Has Never Been More True Feb. 01, 2019

C Force

As covered last week, preventable causes of death in this country have grown more common, to an all-... Read More

Another Batch of Great Reader Tips! Nov. 21, 2018

Everyday Cheapskate

Sharing their super cool tips and tricks for how to save money on herbs, keep produce fresher longer... Read More

Shutting the Door on the Open Office Aug. 23, 2018

Work Daze

Be honest — are you overstimulated? I know you're excited to read this week's column, but that... Read More

America's Doctor May. 31, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

At a duel, each man is allowed to choose a doctor to accompany him. At the most famous duel in Ameri... Read More

Hackberry Nipple Galls May. 02, 2018

A Greener View

Q: The leaves on my hackberry tree have bumps. What can I do about this problem? A: Your tree has ga... Read More

Going on Vacation? Make Your Own Plant Nanny, Plus More Great Reader Tips Sep. 25, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

PLANT NANNY. When I go on vacation, I fill bottles and push them into my houseplants and outdoor pla... Read More

Blue Zones: Part Two Jun. 16, 2017

Positive Aging

Last week, we talked about Dan Buettner's research on the Blue Zones, the five places in the world w... Read More

Wash Your Food Apr. 27, 2017

Daily Editorials

President Donald Trump told Fox Business News on April 13: "We've done an amazing job on regulations... Read More

Mail Order Gardening Jan. 04, 2017

A Greener View

January is National Mail Order Gardening Month. Have you gotten garden catalogs in the mail yet? If ... Read More

Azaleas and Willows Sep. 07, 2016

A Greener View

Q: I have a long row of azaleas on the north side of my house that has been there for many years and... Read More

Powdery Mildew Aug. 17, 2016

A Greener View

Q: We have a large pumpkin patch, and most of the leaves have turned white. It appears to be powdery... Read More

Getting Rid of Rose Rosette Jul. 06, 2016

A Greener View

Q: I have various kinds of roses in a small flower bed. An unusual thing has happened to one of the ... Read More

Leaf Spot Diseases Jun. 29, 2016

A Greener View

Q: Brown spots are appearing on the leaves of my tomato plant. The tomatoes are still small and gree... Read More

Fighting off Spirea Aphids Jun. 22, 2016

A Greener View

Q: I was gathering some flowers for a vase, and I wanted some greenery, so I cut off some spirea bra... Read More