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Forget About Cheaper Drugs on Trump's Watch Oct. 30, 2018

Froma Harrop

President Trump's plan for lowering Medicare drug costs is good, even cutting-edge. As Democrats suc... Read More

How Trump Can Lower Drug Prices Jul. 17, 2018

Stephen Moore

One of Donald Trump's more memorable promises on the campaign trail was to lower the cost of prescri... Read More

Fighting Back Against Big Pain Without Much Help From Congress Feb. 21, 2018

Daily Editorials

For most of the past 20 years, prescription opioid abuse was treated like the weather: Everyone comp... Read More

NAFTA 2.0 Must Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights Oct. 17, 2017

Stephen Moore

It now appears that Donald Trump's intention regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement is to... Read More

Scapegoating Businesses for Bad Government Policy Jun. 15, 2017

Veronique de Rugy

There's a disturbing and counterproductive tendency to scapegoat individual businesses for respondin... Read More

5 Drug Stocks Examined May. 10, 2017

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: We are in our early 50s, and our account is worth $708,000. We haven't added any mor... Read More

Ebola Outbreak an Urgent Call for Finding a New Direction in Disease Treatment by Following an Old Path Aug. 22, 2014

C Force

News out of England this past week reads like a script for a remake of James Cameron's "The Abyss," ... Read More

Who Owns You? Jun. 11, 2014

Walter E. Williams

Darcy Olsen, president of the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, and Richard Garr, president of Neur... Read More

Look Out for Chinese Imports Dec. 03, 2013

Phyllis Schlafly

Now that America is importing most of the ingredients for prescription drugs and the majority of foo... Read More

New Heroes vs. Old Jan. 24, 2011

Thomas Sowell

When I mention that my family used kerosene lamps when I was a small child in the South during the 1... Read More

Roll Up Your Sleeves Oct. 12, 2010

Daily Editorials

It's time for our annual flu vaccination, but if this year is like most others, too many minorities ... Read More