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Dad Won't Do It! Sep. 17, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm a first-year student at the University of Iowa. My parents and a scholarship take c... Read More

The Baby Is Pure and Sinless Sep. 12, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: My best friend is 17 and very pregnant. She and her boyfriend were planning to get marr... Read More

Spread Thin on Visits Home Sep. 06, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I'd like to make a plea to your readers. My wife and I live far from the places where we... Read More

Children Won't Listen Sep. 03, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My husband and I have four young children. Generally, our children are well-behaved; how... Read More

Kid Zones Sep. 01, 2018

Katiedid Langrock

"Will you be taking the kids?" my childless friend asked. "I will," I gulped. A 22-hour flight with ... Read More

Tips to Help Young People Turn Financial Optimism Into Positive Action Aug. 29, 2018

Ask Carrie

Dear Readers: A recent Schwab survey about the money attitudes of young millennials (ages 21 to 25) ... Read More

Dealing With a Screaming Child Aug. 28, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I was recently shopping in a department store, when I heard the very loud screams of a c... Read More

Mothers Who Do Too Much Aug. 23, 2018

Froma Harrop

Here's a true story about a fine woman with an advanced degree whom I will not name for obvious reas... Read More

Investigated for Letting Her Kid Walk the Dog Aug. 23, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

Corey Widen let her 8-year-old do the most normal, cheerful thing in the world — walk the dog ... Read More

Can a Non-Parent Give a Parent Advice? Aug. 16, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

After a long day at Disneyland, Ann's brother and sister-in-law put their 5- and 6-year-olds to bed ... Read More

Missing Face Time Aug. 06, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our 70s, and he is experiencing depression from lack of contact ... Read More

What Are Your Child's Passions? Jul. 31, 2018

Dennis Prager

If you ask most young people today if they have any hobbies, you will receive one of four answers: ... Read More

Abusive Parents Haven't Changed Jul. 28, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I'm in my late 50s. Approximately three years ago, because of my husband's death, an aut... Read More

Taking Advantage of Mom Jul. 26, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am a middle child, with an elder sister and a younger brother. We are all within 10 ye... Read More

I Scream for School Jul. 14, 2018

Katiedid Langrock

My cousin makes himself an ice cream sundae every evening. It began as self-medicating. For the prin... Read More

Mr. Rogers and Parents at the Border Jul. 11, 2018

Connie Schultz

In these warm Ohio months, when my daughter was an infant, I'd strap her into the stroller most even... Read More

How Helicopter Parents Get That Way Jul. 05, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

When you pick up a copy of Parents magazine, you expect to read information that is useful, not just... Read More

Kids Waiting in Cars Are Safer Than You Think Jun. 28, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

Every couple of weeks, I get an email time-stamped 2 or 3 a.m. because the sender can't sleep. Here'... Read More

The Needless Cruelty of Trump's Border Policy Jun. 21, 2018

Steve Chapman

In 1729, an Irish political writer named Jonathan Swift noted with sorrow the large number of hungry... Read More

Warning to Parents: You Are About to Do Something Very Dangerous Jun. 21, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

If you're wondering why parenting seems so fraught, go to a store such as Target or Walmart and chec... Read More