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A Hare-y Tale in the Winter Sky Mar. 01, 2018


Week of March 4-10, 2018 The Northern Hemisphere wintertime sky features some of the brightest stars... Read More

Seeing a Stellar Nursery Feb. 15, 2018


Week of Feb. 18-24, 2018 We are made of star stuff. How many times over the years have we read or h... Read More

A Stellar Romance ... Well, Sort Of Feb. 08, 2018


Week of Feb. 11-17, 2018 This week we observe St. Valentine's day, a time for celebrating the univer... Read More

How Far South Can You See? Feb. 01, 2018


Week of Feb. 4-10, 2018 Believe it or not, there remain quite a few people who still believe we live... Read More

Well, That's a Star of a Different Color! Jan. 05, 2017


Week of Jan. 8-14, 2017 I've been gazing skyward for more than five decades, and in that time I've ... Read More

Winter Sky Sneak Preview Sep. 15, 2016


Week of September 18-24, 2016 After a long, hot summer, it's nice to know that the seasons are chang... Read More

California Unprepared for Next Recession Sep. 02, 2016

Daily Editorials

It is time to start storing up nuts for the winter. That seems to be the message the major credit-ra... Read More

Exploring the Celestial Scorpion Jun. 23, 2016


Week of June 26-July 2, 2016 Late in the evenings during June we can easily see one of the great cel... Read More

Finding the Great Celestial Hunter Jan. 28, 2016


Week of Jan. 31 — Feb. 6, 2016 During early February, one of the most remarkable star groupin... Read More

Finding the Celestial River Dec. 31, 2015


Week of January 3-7, 2016 Finding the Celestial River The winter night sky is more brilliant than a... Read More

A Rivalry of Cosmic Proportions Apr. 10, 2014


Week of April 13-19, 2014 Gazing into the dark, starry heavens of a cool springtime evening is one o... Read More

The Celestial River Feb. 20, 2014


Week of Feb. 23 — March 1, 2014 You can stand outside every night of the year and you won't se... Read More

A Glimpse at a Great Southern Hemisphere Star Jan. 30, 2014


Week of Feb. 2-8, 2014 Believe it or not, there are still people who believe we live on a flat Earth... Read More

The Great Celestial Hunter Jan. 16, 2014


Week of Jan. 19-25, 2014 One of my favorite constellations in all the heavens has made its grand ret... Read More