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Family Feud Nov. 25, 2019

Dear Doug

Q: I've never gotten along with my brother-in-law, which makes family gatherings very awkward. It's ... Read More

Teen Boyfriend Is Drinking on Dates Jul. 31, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 17 and so is my boyfriend. He comes from a dysfunctional home. Both of his parents ... Read More

Elder Orphans Jul. 29, 2019

Dear Doug

Q: I was once married to a lovely woman. Unfortunately, we found over time that we just weren't comp... Read More

How to Store Important Documents and How Long to Keep Them Jul. 25, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

If the paper monster has you buried under an avalanche of receipts, bank statements, ATM slips, inve... Read More

Classic Ann Landers Jun. 23, 2019

Classic Ann Landers

Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to pub... Read More

Hermit Brother Keeps Family in the Dark About Plans Apr. 10, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My husband and I live in Minnesota. His 78-year-old stepbrother lives by himself in Flor... Read More

Clean Up Your Act Mar. 07, 2019

Work Daze

It's all Marie Kondo's fault. Her popular Netflix series based on her best-selling book "The Life-C... Read More

Help for the Organizationally Challenged Feb. 26, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

Have you caught an episode of Marie Kondo's new binge-worthy Netflix series, "Tidying Up"? It debute... Read More

From Closet Chaos to Organized in 5 Easy Steps Jan. 31, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

What's behind your closet door? Orderly rows of shoes, stacks of folded T-shirts and hanging clothes... Read More

Face to Face With the Junk Drawer Jan. 24, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

I'm going to go on a limb and assume that you have a junk drawer. We all have one, and I don't know ... Read More

Foreigners Shape Up Americans Jan. 10, 2019

Froma Harrop

The kids are bratty, the parents fighting, the homes a mess. It's remarkable how American domestic l... Read More

Get Organized to Put Money in Your Pocket and a Smile on Your Face Nov. 05, 2018

Everyday Cheapskate

Has this ever happened to you? While searching for the Valentine's Day centerpiece, you stumble acro... Read More

Redecorating on a Dime Oct. 11, 2018

Everyday Cheapskate

Changing your environment can greatly improve your outlook. The key to great decor isn't how much mo... Read More

The Clean Kitchen Challenge Jul. 04, 2018

Everyday Cheapskate

I've got kitchen cleaning and reorganization on my mind. That's because at this moment, I do not hav... Read More

Flexible Guest Room Jan. 24, 2018

Small Spaces

There are many ways to create a flexible guest room. You can often grab inspiration from hotel rooms... Read More

Unopened Bills Jan. 20, 2018

Dear Doug

Q: While visiting our widowed mother recently, my sister and I learned she hasn't been paying her bi... Read More

Household Tasks for a Frigid Day Jan. 10, 2018

Small Spaces

Freezing and forbidding winter weather has descended with a thud across the nation. Staying indoors ... Read More

The Space Under the Stairs Jul. 26, 2017

Small Spaces


Kitchen Ideas May. 03, 2017

Small Spaces

Designing your dream kitchen within budget or space confines is challenging. And when you must conte... Read More

How Long Should You Keep Important Papers? Mar. 30, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

Every year about this time, my mailbox tells me it's time to review the general guidelines on how lo... Read More