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NCAA Should Adopt Rule on Sexual Assaults Dec. 24, 2019

Daily Editorials

The NCAA tends to act decisively to punish college athletes for accepting improper benefits, but has... Read More

Character, Not Money, Is Most Important for NCAA Student-Athletes Oct. 03, 2019

From the Desk of Dr. J

California is known for prepping its residents to be earthquake-ready, and it's been a while since a... Read More

NCAA Shows It Is Useless Oct. 24, 2017

Daily Editorials

When the NCAA turns a blind eye to criminal behavior while punishing players who legitimately make m... Read More

Transgenderism Can Be Helpful Sep. 28, 2016

Walter E. Williams

North Carolina's legislative body passed the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, which manda... Read More

What Follows the Bathroom Boycott? Sep. 16, 2016

Tim Graham

Any American who has sought refuge from politics by escaping into the world of sports realizes now t... Read More

Athletes, Politicians and Merle Haggard Apr. 12, 2016

Daily Editorials

Americans annoyed by the no-holds-barred, eye-gouging wrestling matches of the 2016 presidential cam... Read More

'Conscience Protection' Bill not Only Discriminatory, but Anti-Business Mar. 21, 2016

Daily Editorials

Eight of the top college basketball teams in America, along with thousands of their fans, are in St.... Read More

GOP Pops Poison Pill Apr. 08, 2015

Roger Simon

There is a poison pill inside the Republican Party, and if its presidential hopefuls keep swallowing... Read More

Let Them Eat NCAA Brackets Mar. 28, 2014

David Sirota

In historians' quest to find the perfect anecdote to summarize this era of unprecedented economic in... Read More

POTUS' Attention-Deficit Disorder Mar. 16, 2011

Oliver North

WASHINGTON — Try this for a timeline of recent events that affect Americans, and see whether y... Read More

Buckeyes Bench Honor in Favor of Jim Tressel Mar. 14, 2011

Daily Editorials

Maybe we're a tad biased on the subject, but it seems the character of Ohio State's football program... Read More

Time To Pay Players Jan. 18, 2011

Daily Editorials

Over the past decade, college athletics have become big business, and that's why we support paying c... Read More