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The Links Among Parents, Kids and Runaway Stress Apr. 26, 2019

C Force

We live in a sometimes-crazy world that moves at lightning speed. We all know what stress feels like... Read More

Boomeritis: Too Much of a Good Thing Causes Injuries Apr. 23, 2019

Energy Express

Any body, at any age, can suffer a sports injury, but we baby boomers are famous for them. There's a... Read More

Kinhin: Calm Your Mind While Stimulating Your Soles Apr. 02, 2019

Energy Express

Have you ever tried walking meditation? It's a gentle and giant step into the world of Zen. And in c... Read More

Shift With the Season: Ways to Spring-Clean Mind and Body Mar. 19, 2019

Energy Express

The spring solstice is here with a secret and sparking message that everyone on the rocky path to a ... Read More

Salt and Cardiovascular Risk Mar. 08, 2019

Nutrition News

We need to cut the salt a bit more. A new National Academies report finds that healthy adults can lo... Read More

Think Now: What Rhymes With Favor and Boosts Your Joy? Mar. 05, 2019

Energy Express

Savor rhymes with favor, and if it's not in your vocabulary, it should be. Why? Because learning to ... Read More

School's In: Why Can't We Be as Mindful as the Brits? Feb. 12, 2019

Energy Express

Brexit is creating a lot of bad press for Britain these days, but here's a recent headline about the... Read More

Thanksgiving Has Passed; Will Gratitude Live On? Nov. 30, 2018

C Force

My hope is that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, a day so steeped in tradition. A day cente... Read More

Dr. You Oct. 12, 2018

Positive Aging

Unless you are part of a microscopic minority, something has probably happened within the last 10 ye... Read More

The Sky Is Falling: 6 Ways to Take the 'I' out of Anxiety Oct. 09, 2018

Energy Express

Are you worried about how much you worry? Bravo. Uncontrolled anxiety is a giant obstacle to persona... Read More

Yes, You Can Buy Happiness! Spend Time, Not Money Sep. 18, 2018

Energy Express

Americans are known around the world for eating too much, but when it comes to time, we are starving... Read More

Bravo, Tom Wolfe: The Me Decade Sparks the We Decade Jun. 05, 2018

Energy Express

Have you heard of the "Me Decade"? I hope so. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, ever since t... Read More

Anxious? Who Isn't? Time to Move With Mindfulness Feb. 27, 2018

Energy Express

"Adam" is a guy I've created to illustrate one big and fascinating idea from a new book by British p... Read More

Mind Your Mind Apr. 27, 2017

Work Daze

I was quite upset when I read a recent article by Kayla Matthews. "We're Screwing Up Mindful... Read More

Who Put the 'Oy' in Joy? 3 Ways to Flow Into 2017 Dec. 20, 2016

Energy Express

"I just don't feel like celebrating," the woman next to me in yoga blurted out the other day. "I'm t... Read More

Well-being Alert! Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling Nov. 29, 2016

Energy Express

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but you can earn extra credits at Healthy Lifestyle U. if you keep o... Read More

Mind Your Mindfulness Oct. 13, 2016

Bob Goldman

Matthew E. May recently asked me to play a "simple word association game" with him. I am now offerin... Read More

How Happy Are You? Aug. 24, 2016

Positive Aging

I've always liked this quote from Abraham Lincoln, who was known to suffer from major bouts of depre... Read More

How to Awaken Your Inner Crocus Mar. 18, 2014

Energy Express

Spring has sprung. Tra-la, tra-la. Kiss those snow shovels goodbye. The birdies are chirping, the tr... Read More