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Democrats Know They Can Always Count on the Media Oct. 17, 2018

Ben Shapiro

This week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., in preparation for a 2020 presidential run, decided to fi... Read More

Front-Porch Politics Oct. 17, 2018

Jim Hightower

If you despair that a mysterious plague of incurable political knuckleheadism has swept our country,... Read More

Representative Democracy Fails when Citizens Don't Participate Oct. 16, 2018

Daily Editorials

We don't buy into the argument that "If you don't vote, don't complain." That's not the way our syst... Read More

Cruz'in Toward Victory Oct. 16, 2018

William Murchison

There are tides in the affairs of men, we are reliably assured, which, taken at the flood, lead on t... Read More

A Republican Red Tide Is Pushing Back Against the Dems' Blue Wave Oct. 16, 2018

Salena Zito

ERIE, Pa. — Jason Vogel is fired up to vote. He says his passion crystallized two weeks ago wh... Read More

Nov. 7th: 'National Shrink Emergency Day' Oct. 14, 2018

Wayne Allyn Root

It's coming. Get ready. A huge GOP victory on Nov. 6 is on the way. For more than a decade, I've be... Read More

Need a Unifying Midterm Issue? Curb Government Spending! Oct. 13, 2018

Diane Dimond

Call me crazy, but I think if federal employees routinely waste millions of taxpayer dollars, someon... Read More

Don't Look for Civility Unless Democrats Win in November Oct. 12, 2018

Michael Barone

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care ... Read More

Reframe Our Thinking, Reframe Our Actions Oct. 11, 2018

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

We have less than a month to go before the midterm elections, and my bet is that most of America wil... Read More

A Permanent Democrat Majority Oct. 11, 2018

Armstrong Williams

We are officially less than a month away from some pretty historic elections that I believe will fun... Read More

What Do Democrat Voters Want? Oct. 11, 2018

Laura Hollis

I am trying to put myself in the shoes of Democrat voters, not those in hysterics, screaming obsceni... Read More

What If We Made Voting Fun? Oct. 10, 2018

Jim Hightower

At last, here comes Tuesday, Nov. 6: Time to vote! From coast to coast, We the People will stream in... Read More

The Kavanaugh Backlash Oct. 04, 2018

Dick Morris

Democrats overreached in their opposition to Kavanaugh's confirmation. It may cost them the House an... Read More

Poverty Is Over! So Why Are Republicans So Quiet About Their Chief Economic Accomplishment? Oct. 03, 2018

Jim Hightower

Listen ... Can you hear it? Listen to the eerie "sound of silence" from the Trumpeteers and congress... Read More

Will the Booming Economy Save Republicans in the Midterms? Sep. 27, 2018

Scott Rasmussen

Democrats need to win a net 23 seats in November to gain majority control in the House of Representa... Read More

Saving the Republican Congress Sep. 25, 2018

Stephen Moore

Even at this late hour, President Donald Trump can save the Republican Congress in November — ... Read More

In Economic Boom, How Can President Trump Be Political Liability to GOP? Sep. 22, 2018

Mark Shields

The stock market has just hit a new historic high. Median household income in the U.S. is higher tha... Read More

Midterm Madness Sep. 20, 2018

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

With less than two months to go, the midterm elections are quickly approaching, madness ensuing. In ... Read More

Sometimes Voters Just Want Competence Sep. 18, 2018

Froma Harrop

In our highly polarized era, we too often judge election results from the confines of partisan polit... Read More

Sign of the Times: Texas' GOP Cavalry May Need to Stay Home to Guard Ted Cruz Sep. 18, 2018

Salena Zito

AUSTIN, Texas — Rick Potter knows campaign signs don't vote, but when an overwhelming amount o... Read More