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A Presidential Museum of the Absurd Dec. 19, 2013

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — It has been a grim Christmas around the White House. Frankly, I think President B... Read More

Shaking Hands With a Tyrant Dec. 17, 2013

Miguel Perez

So there I was in the White House about to meet the president of the Untied States, and I had to thi... Read More

Nelson Mandela Is Dead? Who Cares? Dec. 14, 2013

Marc Dion

The death of Nelson Mandela didn't move me at all. I just didn't care. The day after I found out Nel... Read More

Mandela's Lessons for Obama and Us Dec. 13, 2013

Jamie Stiehm

Against the night sky, I heard a woman's voice praising "Madiba," over singing, amens and hallelujah... Read More

Netanyahu and Israel's Uneasy Relationship With Apartheid Dec. 12, 2013

Ray Hanania

Nothing brandishes the apartheid label on Israel's discriminatory policies more than the failure of ... Read More

Mandela's Crucial Lesson For America -- and the Republicans Who Never Learn Dec. 12, 2013

Joe Conason

Beyond the eulogies bestowed this week on the late and truly great Nelson Mandela — a visionar... Read More

The Real Mandela in His Own words Dec. 11, 2013

Joseph Farah

I noticed over the weekend that lists of Nelson Mandela quotes had gone viral on the Internet. None ... Read More

Nelson Mandela and the Dangers of Deification Dec. 11, 2013

Ben Shapiro

The death of iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela prompted torrents of gushing praise from wor... Read More

O Come, Let MSNBC Adore Lord Obama Dec. 11, 2013

Tim Graham

The most defining moment of how MSNBC sees President Barack Obama came when a positively giddy Chris... Read More

Reagan Was Right on South Africa Dec. 10, 2013

Patrick Buchanan

"Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and friendly relations canno... Read More

Mandela's Blind Spot Dec. 10, 2013

Miguel Perez

He was one of the greatest leaders of our time, a champion for human rights and racial equality. The... Read More

Nelson Mandela Was At His Core a Freedom Fighter Dec. 06, 2013

Roland S. Martin

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is being cast as a regal, gentle giant who used a humble, quiet dispositio... Read More