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Weak Environmental Policies Cost Jobs Jun. 14, 2018

Froma Harrop

"The public will no doubt be surprised at the economic importance of this industry as (we measure) t... Read More

An Irresponsible Susan Collins Blocks Serious Heath Care Reform Sep. 27, 2017

Star Parker

With Maine Senator Susan Collins announcing her opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill to reform Obam... Read More

The Main Champion for Conscience: Senator Margaret Chase Smith Sep. 09, 2016

Jamie Stiehm

Her name was Margaret Chase Smith, a Mainer from small Skowhegan. Senator Smith to you and me, she w... Read More

Welfare Is the New Work Aug. 02, 2016

Stephen Moore

Two recent news stories highlight how pernicious the welfare state has become in America today. The ... Read More

Jeb and His Vassals Lose Sight of the Serfs Jul. 16, 2015

Froma Harrop

"In the feudal system," The Oxford English Dictionary says, a vassal is "one holding lands from a su... Read More

Mr. Muskie of Maine Nov. 15, 2014

Mark Shields

In 1976, Rep. Bill Cohen, who was a rising young Republican star, seriously considered running for t... Read More

Coastal Maine Offers Plenty of Fun Aug. 09, 2014

Travel and Adventure

By Robert Selwitz Maine serves up a unique blend of vast forests, craggy seacoast, and a commercial ... Read More