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November 16, 2019 Nov. 16, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am an active person, and my wife used to be until a bout with cancer. She no longer ha... Read More

And They All Lived Happily Ever After Oct. 22, 2019

The Real Estate Expert

We are all in pursuit of the perfect life. Some things never change. Everyone loves the feeling of a... Read More

Living Past 100 May. 03, 2019

Positive Aging


Fatty Acids and Breast Cancer Apr. 19, 2019

Nutrition News

There are some cancers where diet can make a big difference — breast cancer is one of them. Re... Read More

Veggie Boost Apr. 12, 2019

Nutrition News

We've all heard that we need to eat more vegetables — up to nine servings of fruits and vegeta... Read More

Immune Protection Apr. 08, 2019

Dear Doug

Q: Over my 70 years, I've learned the lesson that it's almost impossible to change people's minds ab... Read More

A Look at Iron Apr. 05, 2019

Nutrition News

There's a lot of talk lately about the importance of iron. Your teens need it; adults need it. Iron... Read More

Lofty Ideals Mar. 09, 2019

The Art of Design

Artists have always sought out unusual and unexpected places to live, prioritizing cheap rents where... Read More

Maybe the Title Doesn't Fit, but She May Still Be Delusional Jan. 20, 2019

Tales From the Front

One fact has gotten lost in all the give and take between If the Cougar Fits, me and you. And that f... Read More

The Cougar and I Jan. 19, 2019

Tales From the Front

I've been having a bit of a dialogue with If the Cougar Fits. She's the 44-year-old who's divorcing ... Read More

8 Little Words That Can Change Your Life Jan. 17, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

You hear it all the time, but do you know what it means to live below your means? Have you figured o... Read More

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. But If Diets Don't Work, What Does? Nov. 20, 2018

Energy Express

My tail feathers got all twisted when I read that the average American gains 27 pounds between Thank... Read More

The Fall Fashion Shopping List Aug. 21, 2018

In Fashion

Get into overdrive...and supersize. The surprise of a new fashion season? It's all about over-the-to... Read More

Too Bored to Bother? Five Ways to Beat the Workout Blahs Aug. 07, 2018

Energy Express

It's August, and my friend Bobby mentions he's bored with his running routine. (I'm a certified fitn... Read More

Sleep On It Aug. 04, 2018

The Art of Design

Have you ever stopped to think about where you spend a good third of your day? If your mind goes to ... Read More

Mercury-Jupiter Opposition May. 23, 2018

Horoscopes by Holiday

The conventional wisdom is to leave well enough alone and place full energy behind serving a dire ne... Read More

Used to the Lifestyle Apr. 20, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I'm not sure whether there is any advice you can give me, but here goes. I am a 23-year-... Read More

The Partnerless Life Jan. 01, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am 56 years old. When I was 44, my wife and I divorced after 17 years of marriage. I t... Read More

Answer Me This Jul. 05, 2017

Single File®

Feeling a bit jumpy from the day's news — and grind? Well, you're invited to kick off your sho... Read More

Exercise-Deprived? The Fearless Path to Fitness Feb. 14, 2017

Energy Express

I have a personal question. It's not intended to make you feel guilty (which is the mother of all us... Read More