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Left-Wing Jews: a Jewish and American Tragedy Nov. 06, 2018

Dennis Prager

It is probably impossible to overstate the damage left-wing — not liberal but left-wing —... Read More

Trier Dusts Off Karl Marx for an Anniversary Year Apr. 22, 2018

Travel and Adventure

By Carl H. Larsen A towering figure in world affairs, he's the most famous son of a city that over t... Read More

What Do Leftists Celebrate? May. 10, 2017

Walter E. Williams

May Day celebrations were held all across the fruited plain, with leftist radicals and unionists wor... Read More

Bernie Sanders, the Non-Jewish Jew and Non-American American Jun. 07, 2016

Dennis Prager

If you want to understand Sen. Bernie Sanders, this is what you need to know: He is the quintessent... Read More

Liberal Pundits of the World, Unite! Apr. 25, 2014

David Harsanyi

As I write this, Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" is No. 1 on Read More

Capitalism Doesn't Merit Papal Slam Dec. 10, 2013

Daily Editorials

These pages have no need to weigh in on matters of faith, affairs better left to debate among religi... Read More

Pope Francis' Anti-Capitalism Message Resonates Dec. 06, 2013

Daily Editorials

"The culture of prosperity deadens us; we are thrilled if the market offers us something new to... Read More

Fascism Is Not Conservatism Jul. 06, 2011

David Limbaugh

Someone recently emailed and asked me to rebut the claim that fascism is a right-wing system. I have... Read More