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Rep. Castro Naming Names in Bid to Hang El Paso Shooting on the Right Aug. 11, 2019

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — You could be next. That's really the message that Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, w... Read More

Joaquin Castro's 'Doxing' of Voters Is Un-American Aug. 09, 2019

David Harsanyi

This week, Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, who chairs the presidential campaign of his twin br... Read More

The Left Is on a Mission to Annihilate Conservatism Aug. 09, 2019

David Limbaugh

While President Donald Trump is an ideal scapegoat for leftist hatred and demagoguery, the left's ul... Read More

A Political Year Desperate for Humor Mar. 12, 2016

Mark Shields

Boy, do I miss Ronald Reagan's robust sense of self-confidence, which enabled him to use self-deprec... Read More