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Jeff Sessions Is a Glutton for Punishment May. 17, 2017

Jacob Sullum

As a senator, Jeff Sessions helped kill bipartisan legislation that would have made federal drug pen... Read More

Cruel and Stupid May. 17, 2017

John Stossel

President Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, ordered federal prosecutors to seek maximum penal... Read More

Trump Makes Himself Look Guilty May. 11, 2017

Steve Chapman

Among Donald Trump's many shortcomings are the vast amount of history he doesn't know and the little... Read More

When Cops Encounter Knives, What Should They Do? Apr. 06, 2017

Steve Chapman

The man in the Camden, New Jersey, police video is practically begging to be shot. After using a kni... Read More

Jeff Sessions' Terrible Truth About Drugs Is a Lie Mar. 22, 2017

Jacob Sullum

"Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life," Attorney Gener... Read More

Opioid Deaths: Another Drug War Failure Mar. 19, 2017

Steve Chapman

Illicit drug use is an old phenomenon, and Jeff Sessions has an old solution: take off the gloves. "... Read More

In Chicago, Bad Policing Doesn't Stop Crime Mar. 12, 2017

Steve Chapman

With violent crime surging in Chicago, the Trump administration rejects the idea of police restraint... Read More

What Has Gotten Into the Democrats? Mar. 09, 2017

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — The average American is understandably perplexed as to why Senate Minority Leader... Read More

Sessions Affair Just Democratic Obstructionism Mar. 08, 2017

Star Parker

Good citizens across the nation surely are wondering why, when critical business regarding America's... Read More

Special Prosecutor or Witch Hunter? Mar. 05, 2017

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi of the House on T... Read More

Dems Lay Down Basis for Coup D'etat By Hitting Sessions Mar. 02, 2017

Dick Morris

Here's how it will go down, scripted in the playbook shared by former President Barack Obama and Sau... Read More

Is Secession a Solution to Cultural War? Feb. 24, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

As the culture war is about irreconcilable beliefs about God and man, right and wrong, good and evil... Read More

Stop Symbols of Hate, but Be Consistent Feb. 14, 2017

Daily Editorials

As Americans celebrate Black History Month, shrines to racists and racism are going the way of the B... Read More

Elizabeth Warren For President Feb. 10, 2017

David Harsanyi

First of all, despite the martyr act, no one has the power to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren. And tha... Read More

Dear Time Travelers: Welcome to 2017 Feb. 08, 2017

Connie Schultz

My Lord, these time travelers. They're everywhere. I first noticed this influx of visitors from the ... Read More

Let's Hope the Loony Left Keeps Exposing Itself Feb. 03, 2017

David Limbaugh

How deliciously ironic that the unhinged Democrats are fueling, not paralyzing, President Donald Tru... Read More

Sessions Should Order Study on Voter Fraud Jan. 26, 2017

Dick Morris

There are some questions in our politics that will be perpetually debated with no clear conclusion i... Read More

Liberals Are Putting Conservatism, Not Just Sen. Sessions, on Trial Jan. 13, 2017

David Limbaugh

The Senate confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general nomination show that the l... Read More

She's Back Jan. 12, 2017

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton is back front and center now that the FBI has released... Read More

On Fire: The Racist Anti-Racists at MTV News Jan. 11, 2017

Michelle Malkin

It's only the second week of 2017, but it's already been a banner year for preening liberals on cabl... Read More