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U.S. Media Is Ready to Lift the Cuban Embargo Apr. 22, 2014

Miguel Perez

Congress may not be ready. The American people may need more clarity. And even our so-called sociali... Read More

Tragic Death Forces Further Saudi Reform Apr. 03, 2014

Timothy Spangler

Reform in Saudi Arabia continued this week, as plans were announced to allow 100 female nurses to re... Read More

A Bad Year for Freedom in the World Dec. 22, 2013

Steve Chapman

The course of freedom and democracy in the world is an evolutionary process, though sometimes it pro... Read More

Democracy Is Impossible Oct. 30, 2011

Walter E. Williams

After Moammar Gadhafi's downfall as Libya's tyrannical ruler, politicians and "experts" in... Read More

Obama's Senseless Cuba Bailout Jan. 24, 2011

Miguel Perez

Until recently, the Obama administration had been surprisingly firm in its posture toward Cuba, alwa... Read More

The SOTU, Hope and Change Jan. 19, 2011

Oliver North

WASHINGTON — When the world tunes in for the State of the Union address next week, viewers wil... Read More

Fear of a Red Planet Jan. 19, 2011

David Harsanyi

Have you heard that Hollywood is remaking the '80s classic — yes, classic — "Red ... Read More

Mexico Doesn't Help Aug. 30, 2010

Miguel Perez

When Mexican officials come to the United States pretending to have the moral authority to preach ab... Read More