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Putting the Pieces Together Nov. 13, 2017

Marc Dion

I live in a city with 88,000 residents and 17 dollar stores. I also work for the local newspaper, an... Read More

Blaming MDs for Opioid Crisis Is Malarkey Nov. 01, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

President Trump's declaration that opioid abuse is a public health emergency is sparking debate abou... Read More

Drug Abuse Band-Aids May Increase Addictive Behavior Sep. 30, 2017

Diane Dimond

Every action has a reaction, and every decision has a consequence. Remember that lesson you learned ... Read More

A Bold Remedy for Overdose Deaths Apr. 27, 2017

Steve Chapman

Addiction to opioids is hazardous to your health. To most people, this may sound like an obvious and... Read More

Bill O'Reilly and Aaron Hernandez Apr. 24, 2017

Marc Dion

During Aaron Hernandez's first trial, at the courthouse in Fall River, Massachusetts, I stood in the... Read More

What the Politicians Won't Say About Drugs Apr. 05, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

The Trump administration is launching a campaign against the heroin and pain pill epidemic, which ca... Read More

Opioid Deaths: Another Drug War Failure Mar. 19, 2017

Steve Chapman

Illicit drug use is an old phenomenon, and Jeff Sessions has an old solution: take off the gloves. "... Read More

Heroin Takes Its Toll Right Here Oct. 13, 2016

Daily Editorials

Heroin use has become a nationwide epidemic, and Bay County, Florida, is not immune. Over the past m... Read More

America's Heroin Epidemic Just Got More Deadly Sep. 10, 2016

Diane Dimond

It is an opioid that's 10,000 times more potent than morphine. A minuscule dose, no bigger than a sn... Read More

No Safe Space to Shoot Up Apr. 10, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

Larry Campbell, a former cop and former mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, was appalled as he cam... Read More

The Opioid Crisis Is Crap Feb. 12, 2016

Marc Dion

I live in a poverty-stricken former factory town of about 85,000 people. We are, they tell us, in th... Read More

A High School Athlete in Heroin's Deadly Grip Nov. 09, 2015

Marc Dion

Middle-class white kids overdosing on heroin will do for junkies what AIDs did for promiscuous gay m... Read More

Lamar Odom Isn't the Only Overdose We Should Care About Oct. 24, 2015

Diane Dimond

Can I just vent this week? Please? Thank you. I am a sympathetic person; really, I am. But the exce... Read More

Fight Heroin With Marijuana May. 23, 2014

Froma Harrop

A plague of heroin addiction is upon us. Another plague. Heroin was the crisis that prompted Richard... Read More

Everybody Used to Be Something Feb. 10, 2014

Marc Dion

When Philip Seymour Hoffman, light of the American theater, died, apparently of a heroin overdose, I... Read More

Heroin Makes a Comeback Feb. 08, 2014

Diane Dimond

Heroin is back — with a vengeance. It never really disappeared from the drug-culture landscap... Read More

Hoffman and Heroin Feb. 07, 2014

Susan Estrich

When my kids were little, an older and more experienced mother told me that one key to raising kids ... Read More

Hollywood, Hoffman and Fantasy Heroism Feb. 07, 2014

Jessica Leigh

"If one of us dies of an overdose, probably 10 people who were about to won't." Said Philip Seymour ... Read More

Heroin and Marijuana Aren't Equally Dangerous Feb. 06, 2014

Debra J. Saunders

The apparent heroin overdose death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman already has become a hockey puck ... Read More

Phil, Jim, Bill and I Feb. 05, 2014

Beyond Addiction

My father and I relapsed from our chronic illnesses at almost the same moment in 1994. With his hear... Read More