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The Work Ahead in Preventing Premature Death Jun. 28, 2019

C Force

In the modern world, there have been steady increases in life expectancy. It has more than doubled i... Read More

Yogurt and Your Colon Jun. 28, 2019

Nutrition News

Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, just might be one of those foods you want to always have in your re... Read More

Vacation Tips: Pack Your Practice, Leave Expectations Behind Jul. 03, 2018

Energy Express

When you go on summer vacation — and I'm begging you to take every nanosecond of whatever you'... Read More

Fourth of July Makeover: 5 Ways to Let Freedom Ring Jun. 26, 2018

Energy Express

I love the Fourth of July. Fat, juicy hot dogs, exploding firecrackers, fried Oreo sandwiches with b... Read More

It's the Summer Solstice! Burn Bright, Move to the Light Jun. 12, 2018

Energy Express

When was the last time you fired up a pile of logs and celebrated the summer solstice? Probably neve... Read More

Be the Change! Spring Into Summer With 1 Juicy Goal May. 29, 2018

Energy Express

Personal well-being is very personal. It's not about the size of your belly or how many crunches you... Read More

Confessions of a Dorito Addict: How to Beat Back Bingeing May. 15, 2018

Energy Express

I've never been much of a binger, but recently I had a humbling experience that gave me new insights... Read More

Aloha! Practicing Huna in 28 Inches of Epic Rain Apr. 24, 2018

Energy Express

This is my first time on Kauai, a 6 million-year-old speck of volcanic rock in the chain of ancient ... Read More

Adductors 101: How to Activate Rivers of Energy Mar. 27, 2018

Energy Express

There are worse things in the world than inner-thigh jiggle, but with shorts season on the way, it's... Read More

Spring Forward! When Seasons Shift, So Can We Mar. 20, 2018

Energy Express

Spring has sprung. So what? So now's an extraordinarily good time to notice that the birds are chirp... Read More

Stand Up to Confusion: Fake News About Standing Desks Mar. 06, 2018

Energy Express

Sit happens, which is why I've become wildly enthusiastic about the health benefits of standing desk... Read More

Winter Solstice Review: From Dark to Light to Well-Being Dec. 19, 2017

Energy Express

It's time for my end-of-the-year roundup, a merry and maddening mix of noteworthy trends, prediction... Read More

Presents of Mind: 4 Gift-Giving Ideas That Spark Joy Dec. 12, 2017

Energy Express

In April, we plant flowers. In December, we give gifts. Which is why I lasered in to something a wis... Read More

Just in Time! Your Ho-Ho-Holiday Spirit Action Plan Dec. 05, 2017

Energy Express

Here comes the December dilemma: Am I going to enjoy this holiday season or not? We all have obstacl... Read More

Parenting 101: Kids Just Want to Have Fun Sep. 19, 2017

Energy Express

There's a short chapter in "All Is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being" about how to ... Read More

Shake, Rattle and Do-si-do: Your Brain Loves to Dance Sep. 05, 2017

Energy Express

It's one thing to lose your keys, your phone, a wallet filled with credit cards. It's wildly upsetti... Read More

Back to School Isn't Just for Kids. Study Up to Loosen Up! Aug. 22, 2017

Energy Express

The run-up to Labor Day is always a bit of a letdown. I feel like summer fun is over and done —... Read More

'I'm Too Stressed to Deal With My Stress!' Aug. 08, 2017

Energy Express

"Personal well-being is very, very personal," I declared to a packed room of smart, successful women... Read More

Notes From Up North: 'Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired' Aug. 01, 2017

Energy Express

I've been perched on a remote lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin these past few weeks, consorting w... Read More

'Ef-zeen'! Where's Your Getaway Taking You This Summer? Jul. 25, 2017

Energy Express

Too much technology takes a toll on our personal well-being — so much distraction, so little t... Read More