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Pushing Speech Therapy Without Pushing Daughter Away May. 26, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: Our dear grandson is 5. He's bright, energetic, kind and wonderful. He speaks with a sli... Read More

Addressed With the Wrong Name Apr. 04, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: Our 28-year-old grandson is marrying his college girlfriend, whom we have known for over... Read More

Whistled for Interference Oct. 27, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My ex-daughter-in-law believes that her 10-year-old son, my grandson, has attention defi... Read More

Love for a Child Isn't So Simple Anymore Aug. 01, 2018

Connie Schultz

Last week, you walked off that plane with the biggest smile on your face. Your hug was stronger and ... Read More

A Matter of Biology Jan. 19, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My grandson "Logan" was fathered by someone other than his elder and younger brothers' f... Read More

Treading Gently Into This New Year Dec. 27, 2017

Connie Schultz

In the first hour of Christmas Eve, our 9-year-old grandson and his parents arrived here in Ohio aft... Read More

The Other Grandma Dec. 18, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I know this is short notice, seeing as my question is about Christmas, but I'm hoping th... Read More

Lessons From a 2-Year-Old Oct. 23, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

I gave my son and daughter-in-law lots of gifts when their son, Elijah, was born. But none has come ... Read More

For Controlling Mother, It's All About Her Oct. 08, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: At age 50, thanks to loving support, I'm starting to stand up to my controlling mother. ... Read More

The Financial Responsibility of Having a Car Jan. 23, 2017

Dear Doug

Q: Our grandson is 18 and has just received his driver's license. He wants to continue living at hom... Read More

Friend Hazard Aug. 12, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I need advice on how to sever a guy friendship that has become increasingly difficult. W... Read More

Passion Drives Careers Jul. 18, 2016

Dear Doug

Q: Our grandson has been in college for a year, and his parents have encouraged him to go for a busi... Read More

Wild Child Apr. 17, 2016

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am the stepgrandma of a 2-year-old boy. "Danny" lives with his parents and an older si... Read More

Flo & Friends

Jan. 30, 2014

Lessons From Superman Mar. 12, 2011

Connie Schultz

Superman came by for another visit last week. This time, he even spent the night. Whenever he's with... Read More