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The Surprising Pro-Life Message of 'The Strain' Oct. 19, 2017

Laura Hollis

The last time I wrote about the FX vampire series, "The Strain," I commented on the repulsive amoral... Read More

FX TV's Tyrant Offensive On Many Levels Jun. 26, 2014

Ray Hanania

As an Arab born in America, I've come to accept that Americans are a fundamentally racist society th... Read More

'Close Observers of History' Hate Ollie North Apr. 18, 2014

L. Brent Bozell

For its second season, the creators of the FX series "The Americans" have chosen a new source for in... Read More

Hollywood Hates Nuns Sep. 05, 2012

L. Brent Bozell

Some hateful stereotypes never die in Hollywood. The cover of the Sept. 7 edition of Entertainment W... Read More