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Conservatives, Too, Undergo Secular Indoctrination Apr. 03, 2018

Dennis Prager

Many years ago, I attended a dinner at a wealthy man's New York City condo with, among others, one o... Read More

Tumultuous Waters, Sound Structure Feb. 08, 2018

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

In a world that often feels tumultuous and erratic, it's helpful to step back and realize that chang... Read More

Constitutional Ignorance -- Perhaps Contempt Jan. 17, 2018

Walter E. Williams

Hillary Clinton blamed the Electoral College for her stunning defeat in the 2016 presidential electi... Read More

Thanksgiving Amid the Patter Of Reindeer Hooves Nov. 21, 2017

William Murchison

What? Your Christmas tree hasn't been up for a week yet? Surely your home is ablaze with red and gre... Read More

What Are Our Representatives Supposed to Do? Nov. 15, 2017

Ben Shapiro

During America's founding era, a significant debate took place about the nature of representation in... Read More

Undermining America Oct. 25, 2017

Walter E. Williams

Our nation's leftist progressives have long sought to undermine the American values expressed in our... Read More

We're All to Blame Sep. 13, 2017

Walter E. Williams

The largest threat to our prosperity is government spending that far exceeds the authority enumerate... Read More

Independence Jul. 05, 2017

John Stossel

Did you think about the signing of the Declaration of Independence this week? The July 4 holiday is... Read More

On July Fourth, a Message for Patriots Jul. 03, 2017

Joe Conason

On this Fourth of July, Americans live restlessly under a presidential administration hostile to the... Read More

The Complex Morality of Preserving History Jun. 01, 2017

Laura Hollis

Evangelical author and pastor Jim Wallis has referred to slavery as America's "original sin." That i... Read More

What to Do About Obamacare and the Uninsurable? Free Markets and Charity! Mar. 23, 2017

Larry Elder

When it comes to repealing and replacing Obamacare, defenders of President Barack Obama's signature ... Read More

Time for States to Cut the Cord With Washington Mar. 04, 2017

Diane Dimond

When our Founding Fathers established the framework for this country, they were careful to limit the... Read More

The New Founder, Brought to You by the Koch Brothers Nov. 30, 2016

Jim Hightower

When you think of America's great Constitutional originators, names like Madison, Adams, Jefferson, ... Read More

Electoral College Belongs Back in 18th Century Nov. 16, 2016

Roger Simon

A swanky bar in New York City. Dusk spreading across Central Park just across the street. Everything... Read More

Could Trump Lose the Way Gore Lost? Nov. 06, 2016

Steve Chapman

New Hampshire is a tiny state with about 1.3 million people. California has eight counties with larg... Read More

Trump, Republicans and the 'Principles' Question Sep. 06, 2016

Dennis Prager

All #NeverTrump conservatives maintain that their decision to never vote for Donald Trump is guided ... Read More

Hip-Hop Civics, as Taught by Trump and 'Hamilton' Jun. 24, 2016

Suzanne Fields

NEW YORK CITY — Race matters, but it's not all that matters. That's the lesson of "Hamilton," ... Read More

A Dark Time in America May. 03, 2016

Dennis Prager

As of tonight, we may know if Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate. And, barri... Read More

Lord Acton, Call Your Office Apr. 19, 2016

William Murchison

It's a bad sign when you get halfway through a presidential campaign with no sages wagging their hea... Read More

Fear the Mob Apr. 15, 2016

Marc Dion

You couldn't use the phrase today, but back a couple hundred years or so, people of learning and pro... Read More