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Bernie Sanders' Felon Voter Rights Flop Apr. 26, 2019

Adriana Cohen

BY ADRIANA COHEN RELEASE: FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019 Bernie Sanders' Felon Voter Rights Flop Just when... Read More

'Franchise for All' Reduces Crime Apr. 26, 2019

The Outlaw

The Democratic primary race bumped into voting rights for incarcerated people again this week at a C... Read More

Letting Felons Vote Is Cause for Thanks Nov. 22, 2018

Steve Chapman

For anyone who cares about politics and government, it is easier to find reasons to complain than to... Read More

Proposition 57: Do You Feel Lucky? Oct. 23, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

Sponsors say Proposition 57, the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016, will save taxpayers m... Read More

Hillary Clinton's Felonious Friends in Virginia Aug. 26, 2016

Mona Charen

Terry McAuliffe is a Hillary Clinton pal. He fronted $1.3 million for her house in Chappaqua, New Yo... Read More

Sacramento: Let Felons Vote in Jail Jun. 02, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

California lawmakers seem intent on making Sacramento the place where reasonable reforms, much like ... Read More

Sanctuary City: Criminals Welcome May. 10, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

Last June, when he said he was running as a Republican for president, billionaire Donald Trump famou... Read More

Why Felons Should Be Allowed to Vote Apr. 28, 2016

Steve Chapman

America has 2.2 million jail and prison inmates, and everyone worries about what will happen when th... Read More

Inject Reality into Sentencing Laws Oct. 21, 2015

Daily Editorials

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, giddy with budgets that were sometimes more than a billion dollar... Read More

Trick or Treat? Oct. 20, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly

Many Americans are stocking up on treats for neighborhood children in scary costumes, but you may wa... Read More

Bizarre Arguments and Behavior Mar. 26, 2014

Walter E. Williams

Some statements and arguments are so asinine that you'd have to be an academic or a leftist to take ... Read More

Strange Brew

Jan. 28, 2014