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Approach the Digital Age With Facts, Not Fear: An Interview With Yalda T. Uhls Nov. 07, 2017

This Woman's Work

I work with Yalda T. Uhls on my kids show, "Dot." Yalda ensures that Sprout, The Jim Henson Co. and ... Read More

Mass Murderers Should Be Deprived of Fame Oct. 12, 2017

Steve Chapman

On Oct. 1, a 64-year-old Nevada man opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers from a high-rise hotel in... Read More

Fame Is Brief; the Candle Flickers Dec. 14, 2016

Roger Simon

It is late February 1984. We are in the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester between Wong's Egg Rolls... Read More

The Allure of Mass Murder Oct. 09, 2015

Patrick Buchanan

"Seems the more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight." That blog post on the email add... Read More


Apr. 13, 2014

Wee Pals

Apr. 01, 2014

Cafe con Leche

Mar. 04, 2014


Feb. 18, 2014