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Photographing the Solar Eclipse Aug. 10, 2017


Week of August 13-19, 2017 Unless you've been visiting another planet, you've surely heard about th... Read More

Totality! Jul. 27, 2017


Week of July 30-August 5, 2017 I often ask those in my audiences whether they've ever experienced a... Read More

The Demon Star Oct. 29, 2015


Week of Nov. 1-7, 2015 It's known as Algol, the Demon Star, and we can see it shining diabolically ... Read More

Seeing Southern Stars Apr. 24, 2014


Week of April 27 — May 3, 2014 The Earth is round. Now, while most of my readers will find th... Read More

A Great Cosmic Cover-Up Apr. 03, 2014


Week of April 6-12, 2014 Early on the evening of Monday, April 14, watch as the sun sets behind the ... Read More

Spotting the Zodiacal Light Mar. 06, 2014


Week of March 9-15, 2014 Stargazers who spend time in rural locations get to see remarkable celestia... Read More