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Fake News: The Post-Trump Economic 'Disaster' May. 02, 2019

Larry Elder

Many "experts" expected, predicted and warned of instant economic disaster under a Donald Trump pres... Read More

Policies Have Consequences Dec. 05, 2018

Ben Shapiro

This week, France set itself on fire; the stock market tumbled; and news broke that low-wage employm... Read More

Who's Afraid of Mergers? Mar. 20, 2018

Stephen Moore

Donald Trump is producing the kind of shoot-the-moon economic recovery that we last saw under Ronald... Read More

Who Are You Calling a Moron? Jan. 09, 2018

Stephen Moore

I remember when I was in fifth grade and kept losing tennis matches to a kid I despised. After one m... Read More

Bannon Goes Belly up, and the Stock Market Soars Jan. 09, 2018

Lawrence Kudlow

There were two big money-and-politics stories in the first week of the new year: The Dow Jones indus... Read More

Face It: The Trump Boom Is Here Sep. 12, 2017

Stephen Moore

Has anyone noticed — through the fog of Russia, James Comey, Charlottesville and now two monst... Read More

The Trump Economy: Progress and Peril Aug. 08, 2017

Stephen Moore

Well, finally we are getting that "summer of recovery." The July jobs report released Friday was a b... Read More

The Dow Jones at 23,000 Nov. 11, 2015

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: We heard you speak in Gainesville, Florida, last August. One of your comments was th... Read More