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Aid for Hearing Aids Nov. 14, 2018


The Food and Drug Administration is drafting first-ever regulations that would permit over-the-count... Read More

Less Sugar, Better Carbohydrates Nov. 09, 2018

Nutrition News

There's really no one good way to lose weight. Some people lose weight counting calories, others wit... Read More

Get in Line Nov. 07, 2018


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that on any given day, more than one-third ... Read More

Injustice in the War on Pot Nov. 01, 2018

Daily Editorials

The absurdities and cruelties surrounding U.S. government policy on medical marijuana continue to gr... Read More

Fat of the Land Oct. 31, 2018


In 2012, not a single state had an adult obesity rate above 35 percent. According to 2017 data relea... Read More

High on Anxiety? Take a Trip with Michael Pollan Oct. 30, 2018

Energy Express

To prepare myself for the high-stakes, high-stress 2018 election, I recently took myself to the high... Read More

Issues at Heart Oct. 24, 2018


Heart disease and stroke are the top killers in the United States, causing more than 2.2 million hos... Read More

Why Are You Sitting While Reading This? Oct. 17, 2018


A new analysis of self-reported activity levels among adults in 168 countries indicates that more th... Read More

Warm Up to Thermograms. What? You've Never Head of Them? Oct. 16, 2018

Energy Express

Every woman I know worries about breast cancer, including me. It doesn't just run in my family; it g... Read More

Fireharms Oct. 10, 2018


In 2016, more than a quarter-million people worldwide died from firearm-related injuries, according ... Read More

It's Open Enrollment: Are You Making the Most of Your Employee Benefits? Oct. 03, 2018

Ask Carrie

Dear Readers: It's open enrollment time, and I have a question for you: Are you taking full advantag... Read More

New Super Heroes Need to Step Up to Defeat Superbugs Jul. 20, 2018

C Force

I love a good super hero movie, even if I am not in it. I am hardly alone. "Avengers: Infinity War" ... Read More

How Many Times Must We Save People Who Overdose? Jul. 12, 2018

Froma Harrop

A deeply humane friend recently suggested that medics stop saving people on their third opioid overd... Read More

Uncle Sam's Deadly Cancer Screening Advice May. 09, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Beware. Many breast and prostate cancer patients are getting diagnosed late in the game because of O... Read More

Trump Rescues Pro-Life Docs and Nurses Jan. 24, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Last Thursday, the Trump administration came to the rescue of pro-life nurses and doctors who accuse... Read More

Single-Payer a Danger for Cancer Patients Jan. 10, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Today, breast cancer kills 39 percent fewer women than 25 years ago. Prostate cancer kills 52 percen... Read More

Feds Turn Doctors Into Clerks Jul. 26, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

"The doctor will see you now." It's a common phrase, but it's no longer true. Even in the examining ... Read More

Don't Abandon Choice for Vets Jun. 14, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

President Trump calls Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin his "100-to-nothing man" because Shul... Read More

Donald Trump's Death Panels May. 08, 2017

Joe Conason

The real death panels are coming. Back in 2009, during the shrill hours of debate over the Affordabl... Read More

Be Informed May. 05, 2017

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: Would you please give your readers some information on herpes, both types? Can you addre... Read More