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The Trump Manchurian Candidate Theory Will Never Die Nov. 15, 2019

David Harsanyi

One of the most durable conspiracy theories of our times finds Vladimir Putin recruiting a billionai... Read More

The Coup, Klutz, Klan Witch Hunt Versus Trump Nov. 09, 2019

Wayne Allyn Root

I have a new name for this witch hunt against President Donald Trump: Coup Klutz Klan, in honor of t... Read More

The Bell Is About to Toll Oct. 31, 2019

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — It has taken a long time, but finally the Justice Department is training its guns... Read More

Claremont Would Make Founders Weep Jul. 12, 2019

Mona Charen

The Claremont Institute was part of the flowering of intellectual conservatism that graced America i... Read More

Barr Is Right: The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is 'Bogus' Jul. 12, 2019

David Harsanyi

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Attorney General William Barr reiterated his intentio... Read More

Americans Don't Appreciate Their Freedom Nov. 15, 2018

Daily Editorials

Here's a shock: Almost half of Americans cannot name a single right protected by the First Amendment... Read More

The Reality of Young People Sentenced to Life Without Parole Aug. 25, 2018

Diane Dimond

Last week, I wrote about the plight of Pamela Smart, who, in 1991, at the age of 22, was found guilt... Read More

Should Trump Voluntarily Talk to Mueller? Aug. 09, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

When federal prosecutors are nearing the end of criminal investigations, they often invite the subje... Read More

Trump Sabotaged by His Own Lawyer Aug. 02, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

In the past week, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, now the chief lawyer and principal spokesm... Read More

What Is Robert Mueller Looking For? Apr. 05, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Robert Mueller is the special counsel appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in May 201... Read More

Worse Than Watergate: Media Now Is Co-Conspirator Feb. 12, 2018

Dick Morris

The current FBI/NSA/CIA/State Department/Obama scandal is far worse than the past outrages of Waterg... Read More

The 5 Stages of Losing an Election to Donald Trump Dec. 16, 2016

David Harsanyi

Though many things have changed in American political life over the past couple of years, one aspect... Read More

Steve Springer, Evangelism and the Divine Conspiracy Sep. 19, 2014

David Limbaugh

In my new book, "Jesus on Trial," I explain how the Bible itself serves as its own apologetic. Holy ... Read More

Congratulations! A New Conspiracy Is Born Apr. 18, 2014

Joe Conason

With the happy news that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky expect their first child later this year... Read More

Free Range

Mar. 03, 2014

Coke's Conspiracy Against Tap Water Dec. 11, 2013

Jim Hightower

Coca-Cola is running a stealth advertising campaign. Stealth? Yes, it's a nationwide product promoti... Read More

When Does Internet Fantasy Become Actual Crime? Mar. 14, 2013

Diane Dimond

It was a bizarre criminal case sensationalized by both the media and the defense team. Slogans and s... Read More

The Blagojevich Comedy Saga Screeches to a Halt Jun. 30, 2011

Daily Editorials

There were times during the past 30 months when it seemed like the Rod Blagojevich case had slipped ... Read More