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A Yale Football Player Quits to Save His Brain Nov. 18, 2018

Steve Chapman

Andrew Grinde was not just another football player. As a running back at C.M. Russell High School in... Read More

Harvard and Yale Should Stop Playing Football Nov. 12, 2017

Steve Chapman

Harvard and Yale are among the premier educational institutions in the world. They have spent centur... Read More

I Don't Think I Can Watch Football Anymore Aug. 31, 2017

Steve Chapman

There are good reasons Russian roulette has never become a mass spectator sport. Not many fans want ... Read More

Crisis of Faith and Football Feb. 05, 2016

Robert Scheer

As a recently suffering Oakland Raiders fan, I greeted the death of Kenny "The Snake" Stabler with a... Read More

Milking it Feb. 03, 2016


An unpublished study by a kinesiologist at the University of Maryland suggests that drinking a parti... Read More

Hey, NFL, What About the Taxpayers' Concussion? Dec. 31, 2015

Larry Elder

Three NFL teams claim they want to come to Los Angeles, the nation's second-biggest market. Their cu... Read More

Head Games Sep. 23, 2015


In an effort to reduce concussions, an increasing number of athletes are being equipped with sensors... Read More

Concussion Blood Marker Could Be a Hit Apr. 15, 2015


Determining whether someone — a football player, for example — has suffered a concussion... Read More