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September 26, 2019 Sep. 26, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am an 11-year-old boy and the youngest in my family. My sister is 22 years old and mar... Read More

The Whole Truth Sep. 18, 2019

Classic Zig Ziglar

Recently, our company was privileged to conduct a two-day "Born To Win" Seminar for the NBA, and the... Read More

When in Doubt, Show Up Aug. 29, 2019

Connie Schultz

How many times has this happened in the last two months? I'm not sure, but every time it still catch... Read More

Soul-Stirring Moon Aug. 18, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

The ocean is deep, vast and awesomely powerful, yet it is so casually manipulated by the gravity han... Read More

August 18, 2019 Aug. 18, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My husband and I recently purchased a new home. It took us a while to reach this point. ... Read More

August 12, 2019 Aug. 12, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I'm a young woman with a degree in education. After spending several years as a student ... Read More

Bloody Nose Aug. 12, 2019

Dear Doug

Q: I have been having nosebleeds most nights for the last month or so. Thinking it might be a sign o... Read More

Slowly Simmering Over Cooking Club Aug. 09, 2019

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: I am part of a cooking club that meets the second Tuesday of each month. Each member buy... Read More

Tension in the Cosmic Narrative Jul. 09, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

When a story is so powerful in its message that it touches many people, in some way the story no lon... Read More

Rather Be Right Than Happy Jul. 07, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am a 68-year-old twice-divorced woman who has made some unwise decisions in my life. I... Read More

Is My Brother Addicted? Jul. 04, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: Do you consider the use of any drugs at all as addiction? My brother smokes a small amo... Read More

Venus Powers Down Jul. 03, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

No one gets power without owing some sort of a debt to others. And the more power a person has, the ... Read More

Mercury Catches Fire Jun. 26, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

The watery realm of Cancer has held Mercury in its soulful, maternal arms, but alas, the day of plan... Read More

Comic Communication Warning Jun. 15, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

Mark Twain said, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Maybe so, but in thes... Read More

Cosmic Combination Lock Jun. 12, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

As the sun and Venus in Gemini harmonize with the Libra moon, magic words will open doors and hearts... Read More

Undermining the Wife for the Ex-Wife Jun. 01, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I have been with my husband for six years. "Todd" has a son from a prior relationship, a... Read More

Rekindling Family Relationships May. 29, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I read a column of yours from a teen girl; she wrote to you saying her parents were div... Read More

It's Springtime, Not Screentime. Teens Need to Put Their Phones Down and Live. May. 28, 2019

Daily Editorials

High school students from four St. Louis-area districts gathered on a Saturday afternoon in mid-May ... Read More

On the Fence About the Family Reunion May. 15, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I'm the youngest of 10 siblings. Most of my brothers and sisters are much older, and I w... Read More

Mother's Day Moon Shift May. 12, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

One thing that all humans have in common (as do so many of the earth's creatures) is that every last... Read More