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Rekindling Family Relationships May. 29, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I read a column of yours from a teen girl; she wrote to you saying her parents were div... Read More

Diets vs. Healthy Eating Mar. 15, 2019

Nutrition News

Oh, those headlines full of promises that this diet is the one that guarantees you will be 10 pounds... Read More

Carb Myths Mar. 01, 2019

Nutrition News

Lately, I feel like I've had way too many conversations defending carbohydrates. Maybe it's because ... Read More

Less Sugar, Better Carbohydrates Nov. 09, 2018

Nutrition News

There's really no one good way to lose weight. Some people lose weight counting calories, others wit... Read More

Say Goodbye to the High-Carbohydrate/Low-Fat Diet Oct. 28, 2016

C Force

We like certainty. We seek it; we're comforted by it; it helps us clearly understand what's before u... Read More

The Truth About Carbs Sep. 02, 2016

Nutrition News

Most of the time, carbs get a bad rap. Some people claim carbs are fattening and others claim carbs ... Read More