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Sanders and Clinton vs. Capitalism Oct. 18, 2015

Steve Chapman

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, along with other Democratic presidential candidates,... Read More

Germanwings Mass Murder-Suicide Caused by Punitive Rules and Coldhearted Capitalism Apr. 03, 2015

Ted Rall

Investigators are still putting together the pieces, but from what we know so far, it's likely that ... Read More

America -- Imagine the World Without Her Jul. 08, 2014

David Limbaugh

Do we conservatives really mean it when we say that we need to promote our ideas in the popular cult... Read More

Liberal Pundits of the World, Unite! Apr. 25, 2014

David Harsanyi

As I write this, Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" is No. 1 on Read More

America in the Small Places Mar. 31, 2014

Marc Dion

One of the advantages of working as a reporter on a midsize daily paper is that the big questions ar... Read More

Suicide Kills More American Than Gun Violence Mar. 28, 2014

Ted Rall

As I waited for the body of a man who jumped in front of my train to be cleared from the tracks R... Read More

Equality Versus Liberty Jan. 08, 2014

John Stossel

President Barack Obama says income inequality is "dangerous ... the defining challenge of our t... Read More

Why Socialism Is on the Rise Jan. 08, 2014

Ben Shapiro

It took capitalism half a century to come back from the Great Depression. It's taken socialism half ... Read More

A Dim View of Capitalism Jan. 04, 2014

Daily Editorials

As the curtain fell on 2013, the lights dimmed for a familiar object: the incandescent bulb. Jan. 1 ... Read More

The Pope and Capitalism Dec. 18, 2013

Walter E. Williams

Pope Francis, in his apostolic exhortation, levied charges against free market capitalism, denying t... Read More

The Real Mandela in His Own words Dec. 11, 2013

Joseph Farah

I noticed over the weekend that lists of Nelson Mandela quotes had gone viral on the Internet. None ... Read More

Capitalism Doesn't Merit Papal Slam Dec. 10, 2013

Daily Editorials

These pages have no need to weigh in on matters of faith, affairs better left to debate among religi... Read More

What the Pope Gets Wrong About Capitalism Dec. 06, 2013

David Harsanyi

Pope Francis' first apostolic exhortation, "Evangelii Gaudium" ("The Joy of the Gospe... Read More

Pope Francis' Anti-Capitalism Message Resonates Dec. 06, 2013

Daily Editorials

"The culture of prosperity deadens us; we are thrilled if the market offers us something new to... Read More

The Pope and Basic Economics Dec. 05, 2013

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What is the worst problem in the world today? Might it be war, starvation, genocide, sectarian viole... Read More

Real Charity Dec. 04, 2013

John Stossel

'Tis the season for giving. But when you give, do you know your money will help someone? Social work... Read More

Presidential Nonsense Jan. 15, 2012

Walter E. Williams

Last week, President Barack Obama, at a Capital Hilton fundraising event, told the crowd, "We c... Read More

Vulture Capitalism or Populist Demagoguery? Jan. 15, 2012

Patrick Buchanan

"They're vultures that are sitting out there on the tree limb, waiting for a company to get sic... Read More

The Republicans' Cow Pie Bingo Jan. 11, 2012

Steve Chapman

The Republican presidential race now moves from New Hampshire to South Carolina, but it's really tak... Read More

Don't Abandon Capitalism Jan. 11, 2012

Linda Chavez

It's bad enough when Democrats start playing class warfare, but when Republican presidential contend... Read More