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Higher Education in America May. 14, 2019

Walter E. Williams

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder's new book, "Restori... Read More

Discrimination and Disparities II May. 08, 2019

Walter E. Williams

Last week's column discussed Dr. Thomas Sowell's newest book "Discrimination and Disparities," which... Read More

Discrimination and Disparities May. 01, 2019

Walter E. Williams

My longtime friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell has just published a revised and enlarged edition... Read More

The President and Chilling Free Speech Feb. 14, 2019

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

While the public discourse has been consumed over the realization that abortion physicians actually ... Read More

The Revel Is in the Details Jan. 30, 2019

The Word Guy

A vivid passage from Michelle Obama's memoir, "Becoming," refreshed my appreciation for the intense ... Read More

We Don't Like Anybody, Do We? Jan. 22, 2019

William Murchison

As the luminous Texas writer John Graves observed a few years back: "The Unco Guid and the Rigidly R... Read More

Do What's Best for Your Child Jan. 12, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I have been married for three years. Two months after the wedding, I discovered that my ... Read More

New Books on Language Bring Holiday Cheer Nov. 21, 2018

The Word Guy

There's no place like tome for the holidays. These new books will delight the word-lovers on your sh... Read More

Charting the Danger of the Modern Left Nov. 20, 2018

Stephen Moore

No one understands the dysfunctions and debilitating impact of America's political system in the swa... Read More

The Camp of the Saints Oct. 25, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

In Jean Raspail's 1973 dystopian novel, "The Camp of the Saints," about 1 million poor folks from In... Read More

My New Book: 'Jesus Is Risen' Sep. 28, 2018

David Limbaugh

I want to tell you about my upcoming book, "Jesus Is Risen, Paul and the Early Church," for release ... Read More

'Armstrong,' a New Comic Novel Aug. 31, 2018

David Limbaugh

I want to tell you about one of the funniest books I've read in a while. It's a novel called "Armstr... Read More

Comic Relief as We Wait for Trump to Be Gone Aug. 14, 2018

Froma Harrop

Rick Wilson was minding his own business as a Republican operative when Donald Trump happened. Thoug... Read More

Epilogue Jun. 06, 2018

Single FileĀ®

It's that time again, that magic season of change and rebirth. And it's in that spirit that I offer ... Read More

Microtrends, Not Politics, Lead the Nation Apr. 26, 2018

Scott Rasmussen

If you want to understand where America is heading, a good place to start is with Mark Penn's new bo... Read More

A Funny Thing Happens to Trump's Rivals -- They Start Turning Into Trump Apr. 22, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

An odd thing is happening in President Donald Trump's America. Over time, his rivals turn into their... Read More

The Fall of James Comey Apr. 20, 2018

David Limbaugh

I originally assumed that former FBI Director James Comey is an honorable and truthful man who was s... Read More

The Fashion Icons You Never Heard Of Apr. 19, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

"Who are you wearing?" is a question Oscar contenders answer easily. Their designers are sometimes a... Read More

Comey: Did He Take Democracy Down? Apr. 18, 2018

Jamie Stiehm

America is living a Greek tragedy, because of a freakishly tall man who thinks he carries the weight... Read More

Many Dems Can't Forgive 'Renegade' James Comey for Clinton's Loss Apr. 18, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

Lanny Davis, the former White House counsel to President Bill Clinton and avid supporter of Hillary ... Read More