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Raise Revenues, but Hold the Drama Dec. 12, 2019

Froma Harrop

Democratic candidates offer two basic approaches to raising revenues for public programs. One is gra... Read More

As President, Mayor Mike Would Target Those Lowbrow Pleasures Nov. 13, 2019

Daily Editorials

Michael Bloomberg looked out on a Democratic field that would abolish ICE and decided that America i... Read More

Superrichinoids: The Weirdest Species of All Nov. 06, 2019

Jim Hightower

I love nature shows on TV. They take you into the jungles, the ocean depths, the deserts, the frozen... Read More

Please, Raise My Taxes? Jun. 28, 2019

Mona Charen

With metronomic regularity, some well-motivated billionaire announces that he wishes the government ... Read More

What's the Cost of High Living? Jan. 30, 2019

Jim Hightower

The rich aren't merely different from you and me. ... They're ridiculous! I mean the uber-rich, the ... Read More

Has Bloomberg Begun the Battle for 2020? Nov. 06, 2018

Patrick Buchanan

Did former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just take a page out of the playbook of Sen. Ed Muskie f... Read More

Wealth Care Crisis Oct. 18, 2016

The Science Advice Goddess

A female friend of mine just broke up with her billionaire boyfriend. She told me she wasn't happy.... Read More

Don't Pity the Billionaire Jan. 31, 2014

David Sirota

The rich have never been richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The financial Masters of the Unive... Read More

Remembering Harold Simmons Jan. 01, 2014

Tim Graham

I've not read the official obituaries because they are predictable. "Billionaire." "R... Read More