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Why Ben Carson Is Flying High Oct. 28, 2015

Star Parker

Americans are now in a historically long period of distrust and dissatisfaction regarding their gove... Read More

For a Good Time, You Just Can't Beat Politics Oct. 28, 2015

Roger Simon

It's entertainment. That's what politics is about. Somehow it became Holy Writ this presidential cyc... Read More

Hillary Would Eat Carson Alive Oct. 26, 2015

Dick Morris

I have all the respect in the world for Ben Carson. For only the second time in American politics, w... Read More

Why Republican Voters Are Not Acting Like the GOP Oct. 24, 2015

Mark Shields

In the important matter of choosing their parties' presidential nominees, Republicans and Democrats ... Read More

GOP Wolves Looking for Sheep Oct. 21, 2015

Roger Simon

A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. And no matter how "amiable" and "personable" and "affabl... Read More

Can Trump Be Stopped? Oct. 20, 2015

Patrick Buchanan

Three months ago, this writer sent out a column entitled, "Could Trump Win?" meaning the Republican ... Read More

Ben Carson: Clear and Present Danger? Oct. 15, 2015

Larry Elder

Dr. Ben Carson, now second in most polls for the Republican presidential nomination, naturally finds... Read More

Fiorina: A Falling Star Oct. 14, 2015

Dick Morris

The rapid rise and equally rapid fall of Carly Fiorina deserves our attention. Before the most recen... Read More

The Anti-Jew Anti-Gun Crusade Oct. 14, 2015

Ben Shapiro

This week, 2016 Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson bore the brunt of the media's ire f... Read More

Who Is a 'Real' Black? Oct. 14, 2015

Star Parker

Rupert Murdoch got the predictable avalanche of liberal pushback when he recently tweeted, "Ben and ... Read More

Bullying Ben Carson, Coddling Democrats Oct. 14, 2015

L. Brent Bozell

We've been waiting for the media attacks on Ben Carson to begin. To this point he'd been (relatively... Read More

Liberal Cynicism and Double Standards on Race Oct. 13, 2015

David Limbaugh

Fair people are disgusted with GQ columnist Drew Magary's vile denunciation of Ben Carson and his co... Read More

They Really Hate Ben Carson Oct. 13, 2015

Dennis Prager

The invective against Dr. Ben Carson coming from the left is extraordinary, even for the left. Now t... Read More

The Media's Latest Phony Attack on Ben Carson Oct. 09, 2015

David Limbaugh

How about the next time the mainstream media decide to fabricate a controversy against a conservativ... Read More

Ben Carson and the Politics of Fantasy Oct. 08, 2015

Steve Chapman

If only Ben Carson had been in that classroom at Umpqua Community College, the outcome might have be... Read More

Spreading the Ugly Truth Oct. 03, 2015

Mark Shields

Political Washington just got a welcome dose of refreshing candor. Democrat Fred Yang, one of the bi... Read More

The Dogs That Aren't Barking in the 2016 Campaign Oct. 02, 2015

Michael Barone

Sherlock Holmes famously solved the mystery of the Silver Blaze by noting the dog that didn't bark i... Read More

Get Your Children Vaccinated Sep. 30, 2015

Daily Editorials

It's hard to believe that in the second decade of the 21st century, we're still debating whether it'... Read More

Dr. Carson Is Right About Islam Sep. 23, 2015

Star Parker

Dr. Ben Carson is now under fire for suggesting the values of Islam are not consistent with those of... Read More

Can Carson Stir Pot of Bigotry Without Getting Burned? Sep. 23, 2015

Roger Simon

Ben Carson has said he does not want a Muslim in the White House because Muslims cannot be trusted. ... Read More