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Idiotic Environmental Predictions Oct. 09, 2019

Walter E. Williams

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has published a new paper, "Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco... Read More

'Stop Scaring the Children' Oct. 01, 2019

Stephen Moore

A friend of mine's third grade daughter came home from school a few weeks ago with tears streaming d... Read More

When Earth Day Predictions Go Predictably Wrong Apr. 25, 2019

Veronique de Rugy

As activists around the world recently celebrated Earth Day with warnings about the awful state of o... Read More

The Four States of the Apocalypse Feb. 26, 2019

Stephen Moore

"This is the flip side (of) tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave, and now what d... Read More

'X-Men: Apocalypse': Not Bad May. 27, 2016


Do we really need a fourth superhero movie in a year that isn't even half over yet? Maybe not. But d... Read More

Strange Brew

Jul. 06, 2014

Zombie Eye-pocalypse Mar. 29, 2014

Katiedid Langrock

Scrolling my Facebook news feed, I read a meme posted by a friend that said, "My biggest fear is sur... Read More