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Will Holiday Stress Spiral Into the New Year? Jan. 09, 2015

C Force

As the holiday season comes to an end and we start the new year, let's hope that the stresses of the... Read More

Nervous Tics Have Many Origins Nov. 23, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: At what age does a nervous tic become a problem you need to treat or have children be aware that ... Read More

Social Skills Can Be Taught Jun. 29, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: How do you help with social skills? How do you deal with anxiety and helping our kids cope with t... Read More


Jun. 06, 2014

Electoral Results Reveal International Anxiety May. 29, 2014

Timothy Spangler

International election results this week leave the Obama administration facing many awkward question... Read More

Worrier Can Become Brave Girl Apr. 20, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: How do you talk to children who have anxiety issues without giving them the "anxious" label? Righ... Read More

Canine Companionship: The Pros and the Other Pros Apr. 12, 2014

Barks and Recreation

I spend a lot of time talking about the problem behaviors — and their fixes — that somet... Read More

Wikipedia Will Help Your Daughter Cope Jan. 01, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: My 12-year-old daughter is experiencing anxiety regarding scoliosis, bracing and possible surgery... Read More

Happy at Home, Unsure about Moving in Nov. 24, 2013

Mars and Venus

Dear John: I'm a 57-year-old widow. I've met someone who is 10 years older than me. I enjoy "St... Read More