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Unappreciated Crime Costs Jan. 15, 2020

Walter E. Williams

Criminal activity imposes huge costs on black residents in low-income neighborhoods of cities such a... Read More

The Socioeconomics of Menthol Cigarettes Nov. 25, 2019

Marc Dion

In my home state of Massachusetts, where a wily state government has found a way to do everything ex... Read More

'Harriet': An Account of a Life Exemplified by Faith, Hope and Love Nov. 07, 2019

From the Desk of Dr. J

Go down, Moses Way down in Egypt land Tell old Pharaoh to Let my people go! This was one of the firs... Read More

The 'Lynching' Hypocrisy Oct. 31, 2019

Larry Elder

President Donald Trump ignited yet another controversy when, on Twitter, he compared the Democrats' ... Read More

The Rise of Young Black Conservatives Oct. 10, 2019

Larry Elder

This past weekend, I spoke for the second time at the second annual Black Leadership Summit in Washi... Read More

A Personal Reflection on the Legacy of Slavery Sep. 19, 2019

From the Desk of Dr. J

As I have been reflecting on the 400th anniversary of the landing of Africans in Jamestown, Virginia... Read More

The State of Black Employment Sep. 05, 2019

Armstrong Williams

The top-line numbers seem to tell it all. When it comes to American employment, a rising tide lifts ... Read More

If Trump's 'Bigotry' Is an Impeachable Offense, Why Did Obama Get a Pass? Sep. 05, 2019

Larry Elder

Of the reasons critics offered for President Donald Trump's impeachment, the one suggested by Rep. A... Read More

Let Everyone's Light Shine Aug. 22, 2019

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

This week marks the 400th anniversary of more than 20 African slaves being sold on land that is now ... Read More

Let Everyone's Light Shine Aug. 22, 2019

Daily Editorials

This week marks the 400th anniversary of more than 20 African slaves being sold on land that is now ... Read More

What Will They Learn at College? Aug. 21, 2019

Walter E. Williams

For many parents, August is a month of both pride and tears. Pride because their teenager is taking ... Read More

How Important Is Today's Racial Discrimination? Aug. 14, 2019

Walter E. Williams

There is discrimination of all sorts, and that includes racial discrimination. Thus, it's somewhat f... Read More

If Biden Was Wrong On Crime, He Had a Lot of Black Company Jul. 28, 2019

Steve Chapman

Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and other Democratic presidential candidates believe that Joe Biden was w... Read More

It's Not Always About Racism; Often, It's About Resilience Jul. 25, 2019

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Have you recently been out in public and felt that you were treated rudely? Someone cuts in line, gi... Read More

What's Most Important? Jul. 24, 2019

Walter E. Williams

Let's think about priorities. Say that you live in one of the dangerous high crime and poor schoolin... Read More

Beware the 'Inclusive Language' Minefield Jul. 19, 2019

L. Brent Bozell

In the most liberal cities in America, the goal of maximum "inclusion" often requires an energetic s... Read More

Joe Biden's Vulnerability or the Democrats'? Jul. 05, 2019

Mona Charen

Sen. Kamala Harris demonstrated rare skill during the debate — managing to shiv Joe Biden and ... Read More

Biden Remains the Dem to Beat Trump Jul. 02, 2019

Froma Harrop

During the Thursday debate, Kamala Harris went straight for Joe Biden's jugular over his alleged fai... Read More

The Joys of Busing, Huh? Jul. 02, 2019

William Murchison

As contrived for the apparent purpose of embarrassing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris' handwringer over rac... Read More

Reparations: How Not to Foster Racial Harmony Jun. 27, 2019

Larry Elder

About reparations, a skeptical President Barack Obama in 2016 told reparations proponent Ta-Nehisi C... Read More